Sly fan sneaks into ringside seats with celebrities for big fight

A British barman pulled off one of the most audacious cons after posing as Floyd Mayweather's security to land ringside seats for the big fight.

Not only did 32-year-old Oliver Regis manage to sneak into the $25,000 seating, he also got to rub shoulders with some of the world's most recognisable celebrities.

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A huge McGregor fan who even has a tattoo of the Irish fighter on his leg, Regis originally purchased a $2,500 seat at the top of the T-Mobile Arena to watch the fight.

But when he saw Mayweather's security team making a move toward the ring, the cheeky British lad made his own opportunistic move by joining the group and pretending he was part of the posse.

Incredibly, the cunning ploy worked and Regis was able to pass by floor security without a ticket, before finding himself down in a third row seat for the final fight before the main event.

From there it was smooth sailing as the British imposter took his place among the stars for the most remarkable experience of his life.

"I did feel a bit cheeky but this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance," Regis said.

"I could not believe it worked. There were quite a few empty seats," he told the Sun.

"I sat down in the third row and Mike Tyson then sat down behind me. LeBron James was on my row and I could see Leonardo DiCaprio."

In true Las Vegas fashion, Regis went all in as he began asking the celebrities around him for selfies.

By the end of the night, he had accrued an extraordinary collection of snaps including Hollywood actors Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx and even Australia's own Chris Hemsworth.

"My friends started texting me saying they had seen me on TV," Regis said. "It was very surreal, but it was the biggest fight in history!"

Even though the fight didn't go the way Regis hoped, you can bet it's an experience the Brit will re-live with fond memories for the rest of his days.

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