'Piece of s***': Alleged victim blows up at Jarryd Hayne in court

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Jarryd Hayne, pictured here at Newcastle Local Court.
Jarryd Hayne at Newcastle Local Court ahead of his sexual assault trial. (Photo by Peter Lorimer/Getty Images)

A woman swore at former NRL star Jarryd Hayne in front of the jury after breaking down in tears in the witness box during his rape trial.

The woman was being questioned by defence barrister Phillip Boulten SC on Wednesday in the Newcastle District Court when she became emotional and burst into tears.

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She said Mr Boulten had been trying to make her sound stupid when going through a series of Snapchat messages she exchanged with a friend before Hayne had been due to arrive at her house on the night she was allegedly sexually assaulted.

"It's just irrelevant," the woman said.

"No, means f***ing no."

The woman was asked to step down and take a break and as she walked past Hayne she called him a "f***ing piece of s***".

When she returned to give evidence, the woman apologised but Judge Peter Whitford said he understood it was late in the day, she was tired and it was a stressful situation for anyone.

The woman, now aged 28, was questioned about Snapchat messages to the friend from 3.21pm on September 30, 2018, just hours before Hayne was due to arrive.

The woman's friend told her to remember her worth and all Hayne would want was sex.

Mr Boulten pointed out to the woman that despite her friend's advice not to meet Hayne she still agreed for him to come over.

The defence barrister said the woman knew it was highly likely she was going to participate in some sort of sex acts, but she disagreed.

She reiterated she had no plan to have sex with Hayne that night and just wanted to meet him.

"I know exactly what happened and so does he (Hayne)," she said.

"He's (Mr Boulten) making me out to be a liar."

The woman had earlier told the court a doctor who examined the injury to her vagina three days after Hayne had allegedly sexually assaulted her said: "It looks like a bite".

The woman said the doctor spoke about reporting what had happened to the police but she was reluctant.

She had earlier sent a text message to a girlfriend saying she didn't want to go to the police because Hayne would have the money to ruin her and the last thing she needed was for her life to be in the public eye.

Jarryd Hayne, pictured here after winning an NRL match in 2009.
Jarryd Hayne celebrates after winning an NRL match in 2009. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Message exchanges detailed in court

Hayne, who had been celebrating a friend's bucks party in Newcastle, had paid a taxi driver $550 to take him to Sydney before asking her to stop at the woman's house for 20 minutes.

Crown prosecutor Brian Costello has told the jury Hayne attacked the woman in her bedroom after she invited him to her house on the outskirts of Newcastle on the night of the NRL grand final.

Mr Costello said Hayne stayed for about 45 minutes, committed two sex acts on her and caused two separate injuries to her genitalia before leaving.

The woman later sent text messages to a girlfriend saying she thought Hayne had bitten her vagina and she felt violated.

Hayne, 32, has pleaded not guilty to two charges of aggravated sexual assault inflicting actual bodily harm.

The woman said she sent a Snapchat message to Hayne telling him her girlfriend wanted her to go the police and he replied: "What?"

She said he sent her another message some time later asking, "Any allegations?"

The woman did not initially go to police after the alleged sexual assault but eventually told her mother, sister and brother-in-law about it.

Brother-in-law informed NRL integrity unit

She said her brother-in-law was angry and later told her he had contacted the NRL integrity unit and asked if she was comfortable speaking to them.

The woman agreed, saying she was scared but eventually decided to speak to police who then asked her to send Hayne messages on Snapchat to see if he would respond.

She sent Hayne a message saying he knew she wasn't OK from the damage caused to her on the night and he should have stopped when she told him no.

Hayne replied: "WTF are you on about? I stopped straught (sic) away and made sure you were OK. You're starting to sound suss."

When she sent him another message claiming he had been pushy, rough and shown no remorse, he replied: "That's completely untrue. Everything we did you consented to."

Defence barrister Phillip Boulten SC said the sexual activity had been consensual "but unfortunately it didn't go well" and Hayne thought he must have cut the woman with his fingernail.

The trial continues on Thursday.

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