'Haven't even read it': Cameron Smith fires back at book critics

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Cameron Smith, pictured here at a press conference to release his autobiography.
Cameron Smith speaks to the media during a press conference to release his autobiography. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Cameron Smith has hit back at criticism of his new autobiography, suggesting some of the loudest critics probably haven’t even read it.

The Melbourne Storm champion released ‘The Storm Within’ last week, however a number of claims Smith made in the book caused controversy.

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“It is strange and I don’t try to concern myself with it anymore,” Smith told Triple M of the criticism.

“Unfortunately the way it is now I come to expect that something is going to come.

“I’ve released the book and there have been some comments made about it, but I don’t think most of these guys have even read my book.

“They don’t really know what is in it, which to me is baffling how they make comments.

“When you write an autobiography it is your opinion and they are trying to say that I’m wrong.

“Go and read my book then make a decision on whether you feel that you agree with me or you don’t.

“I’m happy with either way. I’m not trying to tell people to believe me. I’m just trying to share my story and if you agree with me that’s great and if not that is fine also.”

Cameron Smith book causes controversy

Last week veteran rugby league writer Danny Weidler took aim at Smith, slamming the fact he’d addressed a false rumour about an affair with Yvonne Sampson but refused to open up about his much-publicised falling out with Cooper Cronk.

“I’m finding it very hard to cop a lot of what Smith is saying,” Weidler said on Triple M.

“I didn’t think it had to be part of his book, he obviously did. That’s his decision, that’s fine.

“Where I find it difficult to comprehend is he can bring that up, but won’t deal with the genuine story which is his fallout with Cooper Cronk.

“I don’t know him well enough (to comment on his character), he doesn’t talk to me. He hasn’t talked to me since I started to question his behaviour in the aftermath of the Alex McKinnon incident.

“I reached out to him to try get him to explain it to me, haven’t heard from him. I’ve tried numerous times.

“I don’t have a personal thing with Cameron Smith, (but) some of his behaviour hasn’t impressed me.”

Cameron Smith, pictured here with David Gallop after the 2007 NRL grand final.
Cameron Smith with John Howard (L) and David Gallop (R) after the 2007 NRL grand final. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

NRL boss irked by Cameron Smith claims

Former NRL boss David Gallop was another to fire back at Smith over comments in the book about the Storm’s salary cap scandal.

The 430-game veteran alleged the players were “hung out to dry” before a thorough investigation was held.

“When people ask me who I’m most angry with for what happened they generally think I’ll say (CEO) Brian Waldron but it’s not,” Smith wrote.

“My anger is mainly directed at the NRL for the penalties they handed down and the way the whole matter was handled. And for that I blame David Gallop.

“By punishing us before undertaking a thorough investigation Gallop put the players in a position they should never have been in.

“It allowed the media to give the public the idea we had knowledge of what happened. We were hung out to dry by the boss of the game.”

Gallop responded in an article for The Daily Telegraph, saying Smith’s comments were “plain wrong”.

The former CEO doubled down and claimed a subsequent investigation into the salary cap breach meant “the punishments were obvious and clear”.

Gallop said claimed Smith should “direct his criticism to the culprits, not the NRL administration which acted fairly and appropriately on the facts in front of it.”

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