'We didn't care': Isa Guha's champagne Ashes celebration

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Isa Guha is pictured performing cricket commentary in Australia.
Former England star and cricket commentator Isa Guha has lifted the lid on the wild 2005 Ashes celebrations. (Photo by Scott Barbour - CA/Cricket Australia via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Former England star turned premier cricket commentator Isa Guha usually carries herself as a woman of class and capability, but even she isn’t immune to a little too much fun while celebrating an Ashes victory.

While the 2005 Ashes are remembered for England’s men’s team winning back the urn for the first time since 1987, England’s women’s team also enjoyed their own Ashes success.

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Both teams were on that memorable parade through London, but while the cameras fixated on Andrew Flintoff and the men, Guha said she and her teammates didn’t care one iota where the attention was fixed - they had a win to celebrate.

Gua discussed the Ashes victory and subsequent wild parade with Mark Howard on The Howie Games, describing the victory celebration as ‘the biggest night ever’.

“It was like a rock concert,” Guha said.

“The streets were lined with people. Literally there were people standing outside their windows, on ledges, on lamp posts all calling out,” Guha said.

“I mean, no one had a clue who we were. People were shouting, ‘Are you the WAGs?’

“We didn’t care, we were just there for the party.”

Isa Guha’s champagne problem during Ashes parade celebration

Any good party has champagne, and the sparkling was flowing like it was going out of fashion after England’s Ashes triumph.

Guha made no bones about her efforts to fuel the celebration, but as the packed parade took several hours to clear the streets of London and arrive at Trafalgar Square, the former pace bowler was faced with a dliemma.

“It was like, an hour, and we were obviously on the champagnes so we were just downing it and having the time of our lives and then it got to the point where my bladder was full and I desperately needed to go to the toilet,” she said.

“I’ve since found out that Kevin Pietersen was able to stop the bus in front and pop out to go to (the toilet at) Starbucks but I wasn’t afforded that luxury.

“I was told, ‘You have to wait until we get to Trafalgar Square’, which was another 20 or 30 minutes away.

“So I, at this point, had no other option but to go downstairs. There was no one around and I saw fit to find a cup to pee into and relieve myself so that I could carry on my drinking.”

The story left Howard in hysterics, with the veteran commentator unable to square Guha’s refined image as a commentator with her unruly Ashes celebration.

“We started this show with me saying I sat next to you and your beautiful, refined voice and I was like, ‘Wow, she is the quintessential English rose’,” Howard said.

“Now you’re telling me you had a p*** in a cup on a bus, Isa Guha?”

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