'Punch your face': Matthew Hayden's brutal sledge for Indian rookie

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter
Matthew Hayden in action during the second final of the ODI between Australia and India played at the SCG on February 8, 2004 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

Indian Parthiv Patel has revealed how his sledge to Australian cricket great Matthew Hayden backfired after the burly opener waited for him in the dressing rooms.

Patel toured Australia as a wicket-keeper batsman as an 18 year old in 2004, but sledged the wrong man on foreign soils.

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During an ODI at the Gabba, which India went on to win, Patel revealed he gave Hayden a sending off despite carrying the drinks for the team because he was not part of the starting XI.

"I was carrying drinks in Brisbane, it was the match in which Irfan Pathan got him out," a now 35 year old Patel told 100 Hours 100 Stars.

"He had already scored a hundred, and it was a crucial stage when Irfan got him out. And I was just passing him by and I did a 'hoo hoo' to him."

The ‘hoo hoo’ enraged Hayden, who waited for the youngster in the dressing rooms.

"He got so angry at me. He was standing at the Brisbane dressing room which is like a tunnel," he added.

"He was standing there and he said, 'if you do this again, I will punch your face'.

"I said 'sorry', I stood around and he went off."

Hayden and Patel patch up relationship

Fortunately since the incident, Hayden and Patel became good friends due to their time opening together for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League.

"But we became good friends after that. We played a lot of cricket together at CSK. We enjoyed each other's company,” he said.

"Opening the batting was fun with him. We've had good times off the field as well. So we patched up after that Brisbane incident.”