'We need the Benny Hill theme tune': Commentator sings over comical run out

A commentator has sung the Benny Hill theme song over the replay of a 'comical' run out in a Women's World Cup qualifier overnight.

Pakistan defeated Bangladesh by 67 runs in the Group B clash in Colombo, Sri Lanka, but not before the teams produced an incredible 30 seconds of cricket.

The victors looked like they'd go on to produce a solid total when they sat at 5-212 in the 48th over, but Bangladesh took four wickets in 13 balls to reduce Pakistan to 9-227 with one ball remaining.

Nashra Sandhu attempted to sneak a single through after No.11 batsman Ghulam Fatima failed to connect with Jahanara Alam's delivery.

Sandhu turned around in disappointment after being run out. Pic: Getty

From there things went from bad to worse.

Bangladesh wicketkeeper Nigar Sultana lofted the ball to the bowler but it floated over Alam, who went to ground.

Sandhu had given up and figured she would be run out, only to make for the non-striker's end when she noticed Alam had fallen.

It was all too late, however, as a fielder backing up secured the ball and the wicket.

"We need a bit of the Benny Hill theme tune there, don't we? Hm, hm, hm," one commentator laughed.

As the replay began another commentator described the action while the first hummed his best rendition of the Benny Hill song.

Sandhu and Fatima would get their revenge, taking 2-27 and 3-28 respectively as Pakistan dismissed Bangladesh for 160 with three balls remaining.