How George Bailey broke the World Cup trophy

George Bailey has opened up about a hilarious mishap with the Cricket World Cup trophy in the hours after Australia's 2015 triumph.

The Tasmanian only featured in one match during the campaign and was 12th man for the final against England.

However he still managed to make his mark, but not the way he would have liked.

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Speaking to the Grade Cricketer Podcast on Thursday, Bailey revealed how he actually broke the trophy in half while the Aussies were celebrating.

“I’d been sitting on the trophy for most of the evening, and it felt sturdy, it’s a good trophy,” Bailey said.

The Aussies with the trophy the day after. Image: Getty

“Someone remarked that ‘I’m not sure sitting on it is a good idea in case it breaks.’

“I was standing at the time and I said: ‘Nah, look it’s as strong as anything’ and I donkey kicked it and it just snapped.

“It snapped in two and we had the civic reception at Fed Square about four hours later.”

Instead of getting some sleep in preparation for the next day's official function, Bailey made a mad dash around Melbourne trying to get it fixed.

“I’ve never sobered up so quickly, frantically going through the Yellow Pages looking for a welder to get this thing back together," he said.

The boys and the trophy. Image: Getty

“I’m heading around Melbourne trying to get this thing fixed and it gets fixed but it’s not in A1 condition.”

The Tasmanian said he had to hold a team meeting, directing his teammates about how they should hold the fragile trophy from then on, however it came undone when he realised skipper Michael Clarke had missed the meeting.

“I take the World Cup into the team room and say, ‘Lads, it’s back in one piece but the rule is today if you’re going to pick it up, pick it up using both handles, preferably two people holding it at all times if we can.’

"[Clarke] walked in five minutes later, picked it up one-handed and the whole thing just fell apart again.”

Fortunately for Bailey the ICC had a contingency plan in place, letting the Aussies use a replica trophy for the Fed Square celebrations.

“My two World Cup mementos are the orange 12th man vest and one of the screws out of the trophy from when I broke it," he said.

Well done George.