Horn's brutal response to Mundine rematch pleas

Jeff Horn has squashed any prospects of a rematch with Anthony Mundine after delivering a brutal smackdown on his boxing rival.

Horn destroyed The Man in the pair’s blockbuster showdown at Suncorp Stadium in November – knocking down the former champion in just 96 seconds.

After the fight, Mundine confirmed that he was retiring from the sport – only to pull a sensational backflip weeks later by begging Horn for a rematch.

“I feel that I have enough runs on the board to warrant an immediate rematch, because I know that wasn’t me,” Mundine said in December.

“The fans know it wasn’t me either. I feel he got lucky.

“Good luck to him (Horn) and his team, but I feel I’ve got the runs on the board in my career to warrant a rematch, I truly believe I can win.

“A lot of the experts and doubters have me as a massive underdog, but for me to go out as I want to go out; I’ve earned that. I would like to try and have another fight with Jeff definitely.

Horn has now responded to the surprise request by claiming Mundine is “past his best” and conceding he was stunned at how easy the fight was.

“It was a big shock to me, to be honest,” Horn said on Sky News.

“I was expecting another big, hard probably 10-12 rounds with Mundine on that night, just like with (Manny) Pacquiao.

“My second appearance at Suncorp Stadium, it was just a shock to me that I was able to get him that quickly.

“It just shows how hard I trained and, I guess — I don’t like putting Mundine down, but there’s a different level now between me and Mundine.

Horn never thought his fight with Mundine would be so easy. Pic: Getty
Horn never thought his fight with Mundine would be so easy. Pic: Getty

“He’s past his best now.”

Horn’s next opponent remains a mystery, with the prospect of a rematch with Terence Crawford – the undefeated middleweight who outclassed the Aussie to take his title – still on the cards.

However, the Aussie has some more likely future Hall of Famers on his wish list.

“I would like a big name, if we can. If we can get a Canelo (Alvarez) — he’s a massive name in the sport and he’s beatable, he’s one of the best out there though, but he’s beatable as well.

“Even a (Gennady) Golovkin going up to the middleweights. Who knows.

“I like now that I’ve got three divisions that I could potentially get a world title at — welterweight, super welterweight and middleweight.”

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