Exposing 'g-string' wedding dress hints at eye-popping new trend

Penny Burfitt
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Wedding dresses have followed the trend of most major events over the past year and thrown convention well and truly to the wind.

From see-through bodices leaving little to the imagination, to a move towards pantless bodysuits to celebrate the big day, wedding dresses have never been as risqué as they are today.

Bride see-through wedding dress black g-string thong exposed
A bride's see-through wedding gown has left her underwear exposed in what may be the latest bridal trend. Photo: Facebook

Now, however, it seems a brand new trend could be on the horizon, and it seems even the most hardened wedding watcher may draw the line at this one.

A snap of a bride sporting a completely transparent wedding gown that’s shimmering skirt reveals a black g-string worn beneath has caused consternation online, as onlookers fear the daring look heralds a new underwear-heavy wedding future.

Woman wears see-through wedding gown with black thong exposed
Even among the most daring wedding styles, the buttocks-baring number stands out as an envelope-pusher. Photo: Facebook

“A sheer dress is one thing, but a sheer dress with a black thong???” the person who posted a snap of the dress to a Facebook wedding shaming group wrote in disbelief.

It seems they weren’t alone in their concern.


“I just really don’t understand why so many brides want to show their grandparents their ass,” one person wrote.

“That’s...a choice,” another agreed.

“Someone forgot the rest of the dress,” another theorised.

Bride pictured side-on in see-through g-string wedding dress
Some loved the elegant cut of the dress, wishing it simply had a little more in the way of lining. Photo: Facebook

Others loved the floaty, elegant cut of the gown, and only bemoaned the dreadful exposition of undies beneath.

“If it had a nude slip under it, it would be gorgeous,” one wrote.

“It’s a bit tacky,” someone else argued.

If indeed the coloured g-string trend is set to take off in 2021, it comes on the back of a long line of questionable bridal trends.

Earlier this year a completely sheer chiffon wedding gown left the bride totally exposed, not even a black g-string to her name, when it cut off the lining at the waist, leaving everything below exposed for all to see.

Similarly, another wedding dress was either aiming to provoke or simply forgot to add lining when a bride was left very visible through a see-through upper material.

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