Unseen footage of Michael Schumacher aired in new documentary

Michael Schumacher and wife Corrina, pictured here at the Spanish F1 Grand Prix in 2004.
Michael Schumacher and wife Corrina at the Spanish F1 Grand Prix in 2004. (Photo by Getty Images)

A new documentary is reportedly set to feature previously-unseen footage of stricken Formula One legend Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher suffered devastating head injuries during a skiing accident in the French Alps in 2013.

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Updates on his condition have been few and far between ever since, with mystery still surrounding the F1 icon’s current state.

However a new documentary is set to feature rare footage of the seven-time world champion, as well as sit-down interviews with wife Corinna, son Mick, daughter Gina-Marie and father Rolf.

On Thursday it was announced that the documentary is ready, however the release date has been pushed back.

Originally slated for release in December 2019, ‘Schumacher’ has once again been delayed after initially being postponed until late 2020.

“The film is finished,” director and producer Vanessa Nocker said.

“Corona has made the situation very difficult. In this respect, we cannot give a precise time at the moment and ask for a little patience.”

Fellow producer Benjamin Seikel said: “We are thrilled to have had the trusting co-operation of Michael Schumacher’s family and management.

“Without their support, this film would not have been possible.”

Sabine Kehm, the Schumacher family spokesperson, said: “The film portrays Michael‘s impressive career, but also many of the facets of the complex man.

“The merciless and daring Formula 1 driver, the ambitious athlete, the accomplished mechanic with a unique technical flair, the reliable team player and loving family man.”

In supporting for the project in 2019, Kehm said: “Michael’s outstanding career deserves to be celebrated 25 years after he achieved his first out of seven World Championship titles.

“We are happy this film will be in the hands of such ambitious and sensitive professionals.”

Michael Schumacher, pictured here during Formula 1 testing in 2009.
Michael Schumacher looks on during Formula 1 testing in 2009. (Photo by Andy Hone/Getty Images)

Former Ferrari boss’ rare Schumacher update

Jean Todt, Schumacher’s former boss at Ferrari and the current head of the FIA, has been visiting the former driver regularly in recent months.

In November Todt provided a rare insight into Schumacher’s condition, answering one of the key questions fans have been wondering.

“Of course he is following him,” Todt told RTL France about Schumacher’s son Mick.

“Mick is probably going to race in Formula 1 next year which will be a great challenge.

“We would be delighted to have a new Schumacher at the highest level of motor racing.”

Todt has been visiting Schumacher monthly and providing fans with snippets of new information.

“This is a question on which I am going to be extremely reserved,” Todt told RTL.

“I see Michael very often – once or twice a month. My answer is the same all the time – he fights.

“We can only wish for him and his family that things get better.”

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