'Too aggressive': Daniel Ricciardo backtracks on 'f**king idiots' dig

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo (pictured) in pre-season photo shoot.
McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo (pictured) has backtracked on his strong words following a post from the F1 social media account. (Getty Images)

Aussie F1 superstar Daniel Ricciardo has backtracked on his brutal word choice after having a go at the F1 social media account in an interview.

Recently, Ricciardo continued his gripe with F1 executives after he became enraged at 'disgusting' footage played on loop at one of the Grand Prix's last year.

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Ricciardo's gripe with the F1 officials went to a new level after how the events unfolded during the Bahrain GP last year, when Haas driver Romain Grosjean was involved in a terrifying crash.

He then lashed out at the F1 social media account, after a 2020 season highlights post involved crash replays.

“I was just like, you guys are f***ing idiots," he told UK magazine Square Mile.

"Maybe 12-year-old kids want to see that kind of content, and that’s cool because they don’t know any better, but we’re not kids.

"Just do better, guys. Do better than that.”

But Ricciardo has backtracked on the comments and said he should have chosen his words better.

“I certainly gotta be better with my choice of words,” he said at the Emilia-Romagna GP press conference.

“I certainly if I could, let’s say take that quote back, I would. It was too aggressive. I should know that as well being in the sport, probably as long as I have.”

While Ricciardo stands by his view, he said he needed to become better at understanding the situation.

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo waves as he arrives at the paddock on March 25, 2021.
McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo arrives at the paddock on March 25, 2021, prior to the the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix at the Sakhir circuit in Manama. (Photo by Andrej ISAKOVIC / AFP) (Photo by ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AFP via Getty Images)

“And even if I feel other times, it might be out of context, I know it’s gonna get pushed. So, I should do better with that," he added.

Ricciardo went on to clarify his comments and the disappointment he felt when watching the social media post.

“I felt last year was such an amazing year for F1. There were so many different podium getters, there were a lot of exciting races. I certainly wouldn’t put it under a ‘boring season’,” Ricciardo said.

“And I felt like there was probably more room to expose the highs of the sport and the great achievements of a lot of individual drivers, individual performances.

“I felt like there were better stories to be told as opposed to just crashes. I feel that we’re better than just showing crashes.”

Ricciardo rages over Grosjean incident

Grosjean miraculously escaped a fiery inferno after his car burst into flames at 225 km/h on the opening lap of the race.

Speaking after the crash last year, Aussie star Ricciardo condemned broadcasters for their ‘disgusting’ decision not to cut away from the fiery scenes.

“I want to express my disgust and disappointment with Formula 1,” Ricciardo told Dutch broadcaster Ziggo.

“The way the incident of Grosjean was broadcast over and over, the replays over and over, it was completely disrespectful and inconsiderate for his family, for all of our families watching."

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