'Oh dear': Internet roasts F1 star Max Verstappen after shock pitch

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F1 driver Max Verstappen (pictured left) throwing a baseball and (pictured right) the catcher grabbing the ball.
F1 star Max Verstappen (pictured left) didn't throw the best first pitch at the Marlins home game in Miami. (Images: Getty Images/Red Bull Racing)

F1 world champion Max Verstappen has followed the trend of celebrities with a sub-par first pitch throw after an ordinary performance in Miami.

Verstappen is gearing up for the first Miami Grand Prix in 22 years and was invited to the Marlins' home game to throw the honorary first pitch with Sergio Perez.

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The reigning world champion appeared confident in the build-up as he was seen warming up on the sidelines.

However, when it came time for the pitch, the throw was rather underwhelming and fell short of the catcher.

Perez, however, showed more technique and his lofted throw found its way into the mitt.

F1 and MLB fans were quick to have a laugh and suggest Verstappen should stick to what he is best at, and that is driving very fast.

Verstappen's throw, while not great, will certainly avoid the hall of shame.

UFC star Conor McGregor's pitch in September last year certainly overshadows the F1 star's attempt.

Many of the world's best drivers have arrived in Miami ahead of the historical return of the F1 to Florida.

Up to 80,000 fans are expected to fill the stands this weekend, including a number of high-profile celebrities, set to attend the historic event.

Pre-sale tickets sold out in less than 40 minutes, which was extraordinary considering the cheapest were going for around $900.

Miami GP F1 circuit mocked

The Miami International Autodrome was created to replace the Hard Rock Stadium carpark, which was not the original concept planned by the F1 who had hoped the race would take place near the water.

Despite this, bizarrely a marina looked to be included in the infield section of the track.

However, fans couldn't believe their eyes when they discovered the marina was fake.

The F1 community were quick to mock the design ahead of the Miami GP.

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