'Not cool': Eugenie Bouchard's latest fan challenge swiftly backfires

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
·2-min read
Eugenie Bouchard taking photos of herself while playing PlayStation 4.
Eugenie Bouchard's PlayStation 4 console crashed when she asked fans to add her so should play against them. (Instagram)

Eugenie Bouchard has been causing quite a frenzy on social media during her time in quarantine, but her latest challenge to fans immediately backfired.

As the tennis world comes to grips with the suspension of the tour for both men and women due to the coronavirus, players are looking for other ways to keep fans engaged.

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One such idea is players taking part in the Muta Madrid Open Virtual Pro knockout tournament, which already has big names such as Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray signing up.

The 26-year-old Bouchard also announced she would take part and on Sunday she decided to get some practice in on the PlayStation 4. So she asked fans to add her gaming tag.

But she was immediately inundated with hundreds of followers before she could get going and her console crashed.

After posting a screenshot claiming it was fixed, her console crashed again after more fans added her.

“Too many of y’all added me so my PlayStation crashed and I had to restart it so thanks,” she posted with a photo of cupid arrows.

Eugenie Bouchard inviting fans to add her on Playstation4.
Eugenie Bouchard inviting fans to add her on Playstation4. (Instagram)

Bouchard’s latest attempt to engage fans

After restarting the console, she was able to play some challengers and even posted some responses on her Instagram.

“We played online,” one challenger wrote.

She replied: “Dude I know and you quit the match because you were winning too easily. Not cool.”

The 26-year-old did impress, winning one game with 25 winners and 0 unforced errors.

She eventually called it quits with a post claiming: “Gaming overdose.”

The former World No.5 has been busy on social media during her time in isolation after admitting she was bored.

Bouchard recently sent social media into a frenzy and was again inundated with messages after she said quarantine would be better “with a boyfriend.”