Erin Molan in brutal new revelation about infamous feud with NRL legend Andrew Johns

The professional relationship between Molan and Johns has never recovered.

Former Channel Nine NRL presenter Erin Molan has shed new light on her infamous falling out with rugby league legend Andrew Johns. The pair worked together at Nine for years as part of the network's rugby league coverage but rumours of a rift between the two began circulating as far back as 2019, culminating in an emotional breakdown from Molan on radio.

Since joining the Nine Network in 2012, Molan hosted the NRL Footy Shows on Thursday night and Sunday afternoon, as well as reading sports bulletins on the 6pm news. She now hosts a program on Sky News Australia as well as 2Day FM's radio breakfast show ‘Hughesy, Ed and Erin’ and is a columnist for the Daily Telegraph, as well as an ambassador for multiple charities and foundations.

Pictured left to right, former Channel Nine colleagues Erin Molan and NRL legend Andrew Johns.
Erin Molan has opened up with new details about her infamous falling out with NRL legend Andrew Johns. Pic: Getty

Molan's departure at Nine came after years of dealing with speculation around her highly publicised falling out with Johns. The media personality insists she never had an issue working alongside the rugby league 'Immortal' and still doesn't understand what led to the breakdown in their professional relationship.

Speaking on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin show on Wednesday morning, Molan admits the situation still "upsets" her and says even though their girls go to pre-school together, the former colleagues are still not on speaking terms. “It upsets me a lot because I never understood why," Molan said. "And I reached out a few times over the years to try and talk or ask why, and if there was a reason I could think of I would understand.

“We got along really well at the start, and then something changed and I can genuinely say that I’ve never had any issue with him, but he just stopped. We worked another 8 years together after he stopped talking to me. He wouldn’t talk to me at all off air... I would try and make conversation but in the end I just stopped.”

Molan added: “He’s not fond of me, and that makes me sad.” Co-host Dave Hughes then pressed Molan further on the claims that Johns won't even speak to her. And the 40-year-old said it was even more surprising considering their children are close friends. “I used to say hello and still said hello, but just not much back. Our girls go to pre-school together and are besties and he still won’t say hello," Molan added.

“I’ve tried a few times over the years. We were in a room together once in a room together at the footy show and I said’ have I done something? What can I do to fix this?’ And for some reason he just doesn’t want that relationship." It's also understood Nine bosses tried several times to repair the relationship between their pair to no avail.

From left to right, Erin Molan and NRL legend Andrew Johns.
Erin Molan and Andrew Johns had a high-profile falling out after years of working alongside one another at Channel Nine. Pic: Getty

Molan's latest remarks come after Johns returned to the Sunday Footy Show in 2022, following Molan's departure. The presenter hosted the program in 2021 but left the network to take up a role at Sky News. Johns hadn't worked on Nine's Sunday Footy Show since 2019 but is now a regular alongside fellow league great Brad Fittler.

The Newcastle Knights legend also walked away from his role on the Thursday night Footy Show in 2018 after Molan replaced Paul Vautin as host. Molan's stint on the Thursday night program was met with a mixed reaction from fans and the show was eventually axed. The presenter copped a raft of criticism from fans in the aftermath, sparking a number of high-profile names to speak out in support of her.


“The current trolling of Erin Molan is disgusting & makes me embarrassed to be part of social media,” Supercars reporter Riana Crehan wrote on Twitter at the time. “The horrific comments are totally inexcusable. Ez is the most brilliant human, broadcaster & mentor & what she has done away from TV goes beyond what many will ever dream to achieve.”

During an interview in 2020, Molan said: “Andrew Johns is an Immortal and he sees things in our game that no-one else can see. I have so much respect for him, as I do all the guys I work alongside.”