David Reynolds caught up in 'disgraceful' Bathurst 1000 penalty drama

The driver was in the top three at Bathurst 1000 but copped a controversial call.

Ford driver Adam Reynolds overtakes Broc Feeney and Reynolds reacts.
Bathurst 1000 fans have been left outraged after driver David Reynolds (pictured right) was forced to serve a pit lane penalty for a controversial incident. (Images: Twitter/Getty Images)

Bathurst 1000 fans have been left outraged after driver David Reynolds was forced to serve a pit lane penalty after 33 laps after a move during the safety car delay. The first safety car was delivered at Bathurst while Reynolds and Feeney were battling it out in the top 3.

Shane Van Gisbergen was right in front with a thrilling Bathurst 1000 race unfolding. Although drama hit when Reynolds was informed he had passed Broc Feeney when his rival was exiting the pit lane.

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When the duo passed the safety car line, Feeney was slightly in front. Reynolds would ordinarily fall behind Feeney under the safety car.

But in the split second, Reynolds overtook Feeney. Reynolds' team argued with race control as everyone waited for the decision. In the meantime, Reynolds gave Feeney back second position under the safety car hoping the redress would be deemed fine.

However, on lap 33, Reynolds was told he would be forced to serve a penalty. This comes as with no redress rule used in Bathurst 1000 for safety car line penalties.

This catapulted Reynolds back down to the bottom of the leaderboard. "That's a big penalty. The reality is it's half a car length," Supercars legend Mark Skaife said in commentary.

"A pit-lane penalty is massive." And fans were not impressed with the decision. Mark Larkham discussed the issue and said the margins were too small to hand out such a big penalty.

"There is no redress rule anymore for this situation. So maybe we have to have another look at that. But what I do know, when we are talking about three or four feet, to have a car taken out of the race is not right," Larkham said in commentary.

The overwhelming feeling was the incident could have been easily dealt with if they just corrected the positions between Feeney and Reynolds under the safety car. While the rule was enforced, fans erupted after Reynolds, and teammate Garth Tanders, felt the full force of the decision. Others defended the decision as part of the rules.

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