Bathurst 1000: Track-side property worth $10,000 per night right on Conrod Straight

Keith Tucker's property is booked out five years in advance around the Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama.

The Bathurst property, pictured here right on Conrod Straight.
The Bathurst property is right on Conrod Straight. Image: Supplied

You can have your boundary seats at the MCG on Boxing Day or front row at Rod Laver Arena in January – surely nothing beats Keith Tucker's Bathurst property when it comes to prime vantage points for a major Australian sporting event. The 58-year-old owns 505 Conrod Straight at Mount Panorama, which is so close to the legendary Bathurst race circuit visitors are warned not to stand too close to the fence for fear they may end up with a V8 in their lap.

It’s petrol head paradise, no more so than this weekend when the famous Bathurst 1000 roars into action for a 60th straight year. The $4m-plus home boasts six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a swimming pool with a view of the track, televisions strategically positioned to catch all the race action and a private tunnel under the track to allow residents to come and go on race weekends.

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Then there's Tucker's impressive Man Cave, featuring all the latest boys' toys to keep visitors entertained after hours. The property is booked out five years in advance and you'll need $10,000 a night to cover accommodation.

Keith Tucker, pictured here on his property on Conrod Straight in Bathurst 1000.
Keith Tucker's property on Conrod Straight is very popular around the Bathurst 1000. Image: Supplied

Construction crew from Channel 9's The Block have secured the home in Bathurst 1000 week for the past five years and are currently renegotiating a new five-year deal worth around $200,000. There are also smaller units and "glamping" sites available on the four-hectare spread, while Tucker has converted two 55-seat coaches into motorhome accommodation.

"We have people from the (Bathurst 1000) campsite who walk the track at night and see what we've got and ask how they can book and I've got to tell them to join a long waiting list," Tucker told Yahoo Sport Australia. "Our front fence is three metres from the track and the balcony is four metres away. The only place closer to the action is pit lane.

"It's like an earthquake each time a car comes past…your whole body shakes. You get a real appreciation of the drivers' skill and courage when you’re this close to it all. It's the closest things to actually being in the driver's cockpit."

The front verandah, pictured here looking right onto Conrod Straight.
The front verandah looks right onto Conrod Straight. Image: Supplied

'Vaucluse of Bathurst' proving very popular

The Mount Panorama circuit is open for racing five times a year, with the world-famous Bathurst 1000 the feature event. But there's still plenty of entertainment when the V8s switch their engines off and the road is opened back up for public use.

"You sit on the balcony and watch cars get impounded," Tucker laughed. "It's only 60km/h along here but plenty can't resist putting the foot down…they had some bloke the other day clocked at 220. The cops are always there waiting for them."

Not surprisingly, the current owners of 505 Conrod Straight won’t have too many problems selling should they tire of the petrol fumes. Tucker said: "We get offers at least once a week to buy it. It's a unique property and they rarely come up for sale. I call it the Vaucluse of Bathurst."

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