'Best thing': How Big Brother saved footy star's relationship

Sam Goodwin
·Sports Editor
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Daniel Gorringe and Ana Cannon, pictured here on Instagram.
Daniel Gorringe and Ana Cannon are stronger than ever after Big Brother. Image: Instagram

Daniel Gorringe has opened up about how appearing on reality TV show Big Brother helped him realise his true feelings for girlfriend Ana Cannon.

The former AFL player - who played 26 games across stints with Carlton and Gold Coast Suns - parted ways with Cannon when she encouraged him to try out for Big Brother.

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Gorringe said during the show that he was single but was hoping to get back together with his “special someone” on the outside.

Just 48 hours in the Big Brother house made him realise that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Cannon.

“Ana was the one I wanted in my life and I did not want anything else,” Gorringe said on the show.

“Coming out of the experience, I didn’t know if she was on the same page as me, if she wanted the same thing.

“I miss my girlfriend Ana. When I get out of here I can go back in her arms and tell her how much I love her.

“We broke up because I wasn’t mature enough. She kept telling me to take opportunities and I ignored that.

“The last thing she did at the end of the relationship was push me to do this, and we had a bit of a break there.

“We re-patched things and it was going well but nothing was ever official.”

Daniel Gorringe, pictured here after an AFL game with Carlton in 2016.
Daniel Gorringe celebrates a win with Carlton in 2016. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Big Brother helped Gorringe and Cannon work

Thankfully for Gorringe, Cannon was on the same page, with the pair sharing an emotional call during Big Brother.

“I love her with all my heart and she’s the best thing to happen to me,” Gorringe said.

“She makes me a better person and she’s someone I want to spend the rest of my life with and once we get through this she is someone I want to be with forever.”

Cannon took to social media on Tuesday night after Gorringe was announced as one of the show’s finalists - giving him a huge shot at the $200,000 prize.

“What a wild ride it’s been... I am so bloody proud of you Daniel Gorringe,” she wrote.

“The highs have been high, and the lows have been low, but you have been hilariously, unapologetically you since day one.

“No matter what happens tomorrow you’re still number one in my eyes. Thanks Big Brother for getting me my boyfie back.”

Cannon previously explained how Big Brother helped the pair rekindle their romance.

“We didn’t go into this experience as a couple but we came out stronger than ever,” Cannon wrote on Instagram.

“Nothing like some enforced radio silence and a bit of help from love doctor Big Brother to sort out the relationship demons.

“It was however long-forced silence and it really just made us both realise that we are meant to be together.”