'Should be ashamed': Footy fans rage over hot chips scandal

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The hot chip packets, pictured here at Adelaide Oval.
Adelaide Oval staff were forced to close the lid of the chips. Image: Nine News

Considering the global coronavirus pandemic, hot chips should hardly be a concern right now.

But AFL fans in South Australia are up in arms over the size of the hot chip servings at Adelaide Oval on Monday night.

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Adelaide Oval officials previously spruiked the decreased food and drink prices for games in 2020.

But fans were left fuming on Monday night when they found the chip servings had also been decreased.

“Smaller chips and even smaller soft drinks! Adelaide Oval should be ashamed of themselves!” Vince Newhill wrote on social media.

“No wonder there (sic) cheaper! I bet there (sic) making the same profit. Not happy!!!! Talk about misleading!!!”

Avron Foster wrote: “Think it’s pathetic that the oval PR team did the big splashy spiel about making it more affordable while showing the food in its full size glory then neglect to let the consumer know reduced prices also includes reduction in portions.”

Talkback radio shows in Adelaide were also flooded with callers complaining.

Adelaide Oval vows to change chip packets

Adelaide Oval general manager Darren Chandler was forced to hold a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the furore, saying there was a very simple explanation.

Chandler said while chips would normally poke out the top of the box, coronavirus precautions mean the box is now closed.

“We serve all our food as pre-packaged, previously the chips were overflowing and now we need to close the lids,” he said, before vowing to make changes for fans.

“But as a result that has made us aware that there is less chips being served, so as of this weekend we are changing the size of that packaging to make sure we can get the same number of chips.”

While Adelaideans are fuming, the rest of the country is laughing at them.

Many flocked to social media to point out that the country has much bigger problems than the size and cost of chips at the footy.

“This is so Adelaide,” Gabriel Polychronis wrote.

“Fans get let back into the footy while VIC gets slammed with soaring COVID cases. Complains about the chips.”

Jacqui Reed added: “I’m just loving that covid is such a non issue in Adelaide that the size of a medium chips is the lead.”

While Adam Richard said: “Adelaide has moved on from Covid to press conferences about hot chips.”

Adelaide Crows suffer embarrassing new low

Many others suggested Adelaide fans might be a bit fragile at the moment considering the Crows’ horror start to 2020.

Adelaide plunged to club-record depths with a 23-point loss to St Kilda on Monday night.

The Crows have now lost seven games to open a season - their worst start since inception in 1991.

Adelaide Crows players, pictured here running onto the ground for their clash with St Kilda.
Adelaide Crows players run onto the ground for their clash with St Kilda. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

And Adelaide are now on the club's longest losing streak - 10 consecutive defeats, across two seasons.

“We are really disappointed,” Crows coach Matthew Nicks said.

“The outside noise is there ... Ultimately we are to win so I understand the frustration.”

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