'No mates': Steve Waugh's brutal put-down for Shane Warne

Shane Warne and Steve Waugh, pictured here at Wimbledon in 2000.
Shane Warne and Steve Waugh at Wimbledon in 2000. (Image: Gary M. Prior/ALLSPORT)

Former Australian cricketer Shane Lee has lifted the lid even further on the nasty feud between Steve Waugh and Shane Warne.

Waugh and Warne have traded barbs over the years since their respective retirements, with Warne famously calling his former captain “the most selfish cricketer I ever played with.”

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For his part, Waugh has remained pretty silent amid Warne’s verbal barbs, but that seemingly wasn’t the case during their playing days.

Lee, who played with Waugh and Warne for Australia during the 1996 World Cup, has opened up about a brutal put-down the captain once directed at Warne.

Lee was a 22-year-old rookie when picked in the World Cup squad, so Warne took him under his wing.

But Waugh had a pretty nasty theory about why Warne had done so.

“He (Warne) took me in and said, ‘It’s gonna be the Shane Show, me and you, the Shane Show’,” Lee said on the Betoota Advocate Podcast recently.

“And Steve Waugh pulled me aside and goes, ‘How are you going with Warnie?’

“I said, ‘Look, he’s been really nice to me’. And Waugh goes, ‘Mate, do you remember when you were at school and there was a kid at school who had no mates? And this new kid comes to school, and the kid with no mates is all over the new kid?’

“Waugh said, ‘You’re that new kid and Warnie’s the kid with no mates’.”

Brett and Shane Lee, pictured here before a one-day international for Australia.
Brett and Shane Lee look before a one-day international for Australia. (Image: Hamish Blair/ALLSPORT)

Shane Lee spills on Warnie’s ladies fail

But Lee wasn’t done there, spilling some more goss about Warne from the 1996 campaign in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Lee revealed how as part of the ‘Shane Show’, Warne organised some alone time with two models from the opening ceremony.

“I was single at the time and Warnie was single on tour,” Lee said.

“Warnie said, ‘I’ll get the best two (models) for us — the Shane Show, the Shane Show’.”

However things didn’t pan out the way the boys had planned.

“Anyway, he lined up these two girls and we had one drink and we’re going back to their place and we’re thinking it’s all going to happen,” Lee continued.

“Then we got there and there’s her whole extended family there and we spent the whole night signing autographs and having a bloody meal.

“I said, ‘Oh, the Shane Show, really Warnie?’ And he goes, ‘Don’t tell the boys that!’”