'Selfish': Shane Warne slams Steve Waugh over 'awful' footage

Sam Goodwin
·Sports Editor
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Shane Warne and Steve Waugh, pictured here during the height of their careers.
Shane Warne says Steve Waugh is the most selfish player he's ever played with. Image: Getty/YouTube

Shane Warne has said it before and he’ll say it again - Steve Waugh is the most selfish cricketer he’s ever played with.

And a compilation video of all the times Waugh was involved in a runout in his international career appears to prove Warne right.

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Aussie cricket fan Rob Moody - famous for his iconic YouTube channel ‘Robelinda’ - has uploaded a video featuring a staggering 104 runouts involving Waugh at international level (a world record).

Even more staggering is the fact 73 of them involved Waugh’s batting partner being dismissed.

“I’ve been working and working and working and going a bit nuts last 24 hours to make this Steve Waugh video running out his batting partners 73 times. It’s almost done,” Moody tweeted on Friday.

“OMG he was just awful at calling. Just, awful.”

Warne got wind of the incredible stat and couldn’t help but ridicule Waugh.

“Wow! So Waugh was involved in the most ever run outs in Test cricket (104) and ran his partner out 73 times – is that correct? Mmmmmmmmm,” Warne wrote Twitter.

“For the record again and I’ve said this 1000 times – I do not hate S Waugh at all. FYI, I picked him in my all time best Australian team recently.

“Steve was easily the most selfish cricketer that I ever played with and this stat …”

Warne continues war of words with Waugh

The King of Spin has taken aim at his former captain a number of times over the years, first sparked by Waugh’s decision to drop Warne during a Test series in 1999.

Warne first described Waugh as “the most selfish player I ever played with” in his 2018 autobiography.

“Disappointed is not a strong enough word. When the crunch came Tugga didn’t support me, and I felt so totally let down by someone who I had supported big time and was also a good friend,” Warne said.

“I conducted myself badly, to be honest. I wasn’t that supportive of the team, which I regret.

“Looking back, this was probably a combination of the shoulder issue still eating away at me and the pure anger bubbling inside at Steve’s lack of trust.

Shane Warne and Steve Waugh, pictured here in action during a one-day international at the MCG.
Shane Warne and Steve Waugh in action during a one-day international at the MCG. (Image: Nick Wilson/Getty Images)

“During the first three Tests, at various times some of the bowlers came to me, grumbling about Tugga’s captaincy and field placements and stuff.

“I said I was backing him to the hilt and if they had a problem with the captain they should go see him direct. Perhaps because of this, I was deeply disappointed that he didn’t back me in return.”

Warne has also been critical of Waugh’s edict that players had to wear the Baggy Green cap for the first hour of a Test match a number of times in recent years.

He also refused to wear the cap during a team outing to watch Pat Rafter in the Wimbledon final during the 2001 Ashes tour of England.

“I didn’t need to wear it to bloody Wimbledon, which was just sickening, that they’d wear it to Wimbledon,” Warne said on Saturday.

“I actually refused, myself and Mark Waugh refused, but some of those other guys, yeah, they wore it.

“Sitting at Wimbledon in your green Baggy Green cap, come on mate, please. That was embarrassing.”