Sam Newman blasts 'low IQ' athletes over sponsorship act: 'Arrogant'

Sam Newman (pictured left) speaking during broadcast and (pictured right) Aussie cricket captain Pat Cummins during a match.
Sam Newman (pictured left) has taken aim at athletes - such as Pat Cummins (pictured right) after reports - after taking stands over sponsorship deals. (Images: AAP/Getty Images)

Former AFL player Sam Newman has let rip at Aussie athletes for taking a stand against certain sponsors after Pat Cummins and a number of netball stars made headlines in recent days.

Cricket Australia is on the lookout for a new major sponsor after announcing the end of their deal with Alinta Energy in 2023.

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However, Pat Cummins quickly made headlines after being asked about his thoughts on the sponsorship ending in light of his own increasing environmental activism.

While Cummins told reporters he had not put pressure on the governing body to end the deal, he said players have a role in deciding which organisations they want to be associated with.

A protest was also seen in the netball over their sponsor.

Gina Rinehart's flagship company, Hancock Prospecting, was expected to feature on the Diamonds' outfit during the Constellation Cup series.

But after opposition from Indigenous player Donnell Wallam, who was supported by her teammates, it only featured on a press conference background banner after Game Three in Melbourne.

Netball Australia addressed the drama and claimed it would continue to work with Wallam to address her concerns surrounding Hancock Prospecting's historical stance towards the Indigenous community.

With the athlete-sponsorship relationship taking centre stage this week, former TV personality Newman has weighed-in on the drama and blasted the athletes for getting involved in sponsorship arrangements.

The Diamonds won Game Three of their Constellation Cup series amid a number of controversies that have rocked Netball Australia. (AAP)
The Diamonds won Game Three of their Constellation Cup series amid a number of controversies that have rocked Netball Australia. (AAP)

“If you think fossil fuels are going to disappear in the very near future then you’re mistaken because that’s the end of the civilised world as we know it no matter what you think of climate and no matter what you think of global warming,” he told Sky News Australia host Chris Kenny.

“I notice one of the netballers said they weren’t happy with Hancock because of their climate record, I mean seriously the world we live in is being run by patronising and pompous, arrogant people who have no idea really what they’re on about.”

Sam Newman blasts 'low IQ' athletes in sponsorship debate

Newman wasn't done.

The outspoken personality let rip at the netballers and said it was 'hypocritical' of them to may a stand since they would probably use services from Hancock Prospecting.

“We have people with low IQs telling a sporting body which is on its knees financially that they won’t accept money from sponsorship deals from a company which I’m sure that those people who are complaining use one of those products indirectly or directly that Hancock Mining or Hancock industries have fabricated on a daily basis,” he added.

Despite Newman's views, Cummins and the netballers have received plenty of support from the public.

Cummins has been embroiled in the drama having appeared in numerous ads for Alinta Energy since the beginning of their partnership in 2018.

Pat Cummins (pictured middle) during an advertisement.
Pat Cummins (pictured middle) reportedly won't appear appear in advertisements for Cricket Australia's major sponsor Alinta Energy. (Images: YouTube/Alinta Energy)

Back in February this year, the Australian captain launched the Cricket for Climate, an initiative aiming to equip local cricket clubs with solar energy panels.

His environmental activism has been documented and Cummins reportedly took advantage of a contractual clause that allows him to step away from promotional commitments after two years as the 'face' of Alinta, The Australian reported.

However, Cricket Australia has knocked back suggestions the captain's lobbying to ensure the sport reduces its environmental impact was a factor in the recently announced split.

Cummins reiterated on several occasions the Australian players had supported CA's partners and appreciated what they had done for the game.

Hours after Cummins fronted the press, CA said in a statement a "change in brand strategy" - not the skipper's comments - had prompted the WA-based energy supplier to step away.

The release also noted Alinta's leadership in transitioning to net-zero emissions through a range of initiatives.

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