'Complete turd': PGA champ savaged over 'selfish' act

Chris Young
Sports Reporter
Three-time PGA champion Vijay Singh has been slammed for entering a tournament targeted at players who have not previously qualified for the PGA Tour. (Photo by Stan Badz/PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

Three-time PGA champion Vijay Singh has been labelled a ‘complete turd’ by a competitor in a series of since deleted tweets, after Singh was on the entry list for the low-level Korn Ferry Challenge.

The Korn Ferry Challenge, which will be held in Florida, is typically targeted at professional players who have not yet qualified for the PGA Tour.

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Singh, who has roughly $109 million (AUD) in career winnings, including from his three PGA victories, would not traditionally be the kind of player to enter such a tournament.

Pro golfer Brady Schnell, whose Twitter profile lists him as a ‘Pro Golfer on Korn Ferry Tour and PGA Tour’ took aim at Singh over his entry, saying it was ‘selfish’ for a professional golfer of Singh’s standards to take an entry spot away from another golfer yet to enjoy his level of success.

“Hey @VijaySinghGolf you are a true piece of trash if you except (sic) money playing in a Korn Ferry Tour event and I’ll say it right to your face,” Schnell wrote, before later deleting the tweets.

“Do you know how much those points and money could do for a young kid? He’s a complete turd for playing.

“He’s got his money and he’s got his career. Just wait another month and roll with your senior friends.

“I’ve said my piece.

“Whether you agree or not, I am just trying to protect the money AND the valuable points for every player on the tour that needs them to move on to the PGA Tour. There is NO point to him playing.”

Vijay Singh backed by Phil Mickelson as Brady Schnell backs off

The series of tweets seems to have been a burst of anger from Schnell who, after deleting them, later took to Twitter once more to apologise for his fiery language.

“Yesterday I said some disrespectful things towards @VijaySinghGolf and for that I am truly sorry!” he wrote.

“A different approach should have been taken in order to get my point across. I will learn from this and be better!

“I'm looking forward to getting back to work and playing some golf.”

Meanwhile, Singh found an unlikely supporter in longtime rival Phil Mickelson.

The legendary golfer said Singh’s success at the highest level should automatically qualify him to play in whatever tournament he chooses.

"It's no secret VJ and I aren't close," Mickelson wrote.

“But I'd like to say on his behalf that in addition to being a member of the Hall of Fame, he's a big part of the PGA Tour's success which financially subsidizes, and always has, the KFT.

“He has earned the right to play when and where he wants."