'I don't lose': Savage Michael Jordan taunt backfires badly

Brooks Koepka says he learnt a brutal lesson about taunting Michael Jordan. Pic: Getty

With audiences around the world firmly engrossed in the new Michael Jordan documentary series, more and more stories are popping up about the NBA great.

It seems as though just about everyone has a tale to tell about the Chicago Bulls legend right now.

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The COVID-19 crisis has created a massive audience for ESPN's 'The Last Dance' documentary series on Jordan's final season with the Chicago Bulls, culminating in a sixth NBA championship.

The Netflix series has been spawning bountiful stories about Jordan's character, his competitive nature and of course, his love of golf and gambling.

Among the myriad stories is one from American golfer Brooks Koepka, a four-time major winner, who says he learnt a brutal lesson after a day of gambling on the greens with the basketball great.

Koepka told ESPN's Scott Van Pelt on Sporstcenter this week that he and Jordan went out for a round with a few other guys in Florida. It was the second time they two had been out on the links together and Koepka held a slim advantage down the stretch.

Koepka spoke from the comfort of his own show to share the same story on the Dan Patrick Show.

“I was 1 up going to 17th tee. We’d been jawing all day and we have like a 40-yard walk back to the 17th tee and he hasn’t said much the last couple of holes,” Koepka said.

“I said something like, ‘I’ve got you right where I want you.’”

Koepka learnt never to ‘smack talk’ Jordan again

It was a bold statement to make against one of the best athletes of all time and Jordan took it in stride. He probably even thrived off of it.

“He just tees the ball up, takes his practice swing and looks at me, he goes, 'It's the fourth quarter, baby, I don't lose,'" Koepka said.

“Sure enough I lost 17 and I lost 18. So that was probably the last time I ever smack talked him.

“He just kind of looked at me on 18, and on the 18th green he shook my hand and wanted to know where my wallet's at,” Koepka said.

Koepka, who said he'll be at PGA Tour's return to competition whenever or wherever that might be, said he hadn’t played Jordan since, but hopes they’ll do it again soon.

The latest instalments of the 10-part docu-series on Jordan aired Monday in Australia and focused on his competitive nature, from a game of pitching quarters with security guard John Michael Wozniak to his overall penchant for gambling.

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