Umpire has room in stitches with hilarious Hall of Fame speech

Former AFL umpire Brett Allen had the whole crowd in fits of laughter with a brilliant story about Brad Scott at the Hall of Fame night.

Allen was among six new inductees into the prestigious club on Tuesday night, and easily delivered the best speech of the night.

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The 346-game whistle-blower opened up about an International Rules trip to Ireland where the locals weren't particularly happy about his officiating.

"I was doing one of the Tests and the Irish guys were really ... well, they thought I was cheating," he said.

Allen (second from right). Image: Getty

"There was an incident towards the end of the match where it looked like the Aussies were going to get up and I paid what they thought was a controversial free.

"Anyway, they start running at me from everywhere and there's a bit of a push and a shove and all that and they were talking in Irish, I couldn't understand but I knew it wasn't complimentary.

"All of a sudden I got backed into a corner and I felt a push behind me, and it was Brad Scott.

"He said 'Brett I can see you're under a bit of pressure here, but over here you are one of us, so if you need some assistance I'll take a couple of these p***ks out in a second'.

Scott cracked up. Image: Fox Sports

After a roar of laughter from the crowd - including Scott - Allen added: "Thankfully, it didn't have to get to that but it's amazing how many 50-50 frees went his way after I got home."

Allen was joined by Barry Hall, Simon Goodwin, Ron Todd, John Halbert and Anthony Stevens as Hall of Fame inductees, while Malcolm Blight was elevated to legend status.