Tim Tszyu's title rematch takes massive blow after injury detail comes to light

The Aussie boxer would be keen for a quick rematch, but it might be that simple.

Tim Tszyu may have to wait for his potential rematch with Sebastian Fundora after the new WBO champion has been ordered to take six months off after a brutal injury in the fight. Tszyu's chance of history took a massive blow in his US debut after an accidental cut from the towering American derailed his fight.

Tszyu was dominating proceedings against the 6'6 American, before an elbow to the top of his head prompted blood to pour over his face and impair his vision. The 29-year-old battled on, but a late rally from Fundora ultimately saw then American upset Tszyu on the scorecards in the biggest setback of his professional career.

Tim Tszyu enters the ring and Sebastian Fundora celebrating.
Tim Tszyu (pictured left) may have to wait a while for his rematch with Sebastian Fundora (pictured right) after the champ broke his nose and has been ordered to take six months off. (Getty Images)

The former champion is seeking an immediate rematch, which was in the contract, but Fundora has big money fights with either Errol Spence or Terence Crawford in the waiting. Spence had already hinted he was at the fight to face the winner with Tszyu predicting his victory over Fundora would send him into the stratosphere.

Fundora now has the decision to make, despite his rematch clause with Tszyu, on who will be his next opponent, with the money on offer a big draw card for the American. Unfortunately for Tszyu, the rematch - if it happens - will have to wait potentially until next year with Fundora fracturing his nose in the bout. The American was having trouble breathing in the bout with blood pouring from his nose.

The Nevada boxing commission handed Fundora a medical suspension for six months. Even if he was to return on 27 September, a boxing camp is normally 12 weeks. Fundora is unlikely to fight again in 2024 and will have plenty of time to figure out his next opponent.

Tim Tszyu in limbo after title loss and $15m setback

Tszyu will now have a decision to make. The Aussie is not facing a long suspension having only sustained a cut over his forehead. But Tszyu is generally an active boxer and will want to continue building his name in the US. Despite the loss, fans and experts were full of praise for Tszyu after he battled through the gruesome scenes.

Tszyu could seek a fight with Crawford or Spence in the meantime, while they also wait for Fundora to be fit again. Both US fighters have already taken nearly a year off since their bout with each other. Tszyu could also seek a fight with another opponent. However, Tszyu will be looking to regain his belts and anything other than a big name at 154 pounds might not be worth it for the 29-year-old.

Tim Tszyu throws a punch at Sebastian Fundora.
Tim Tszyu (pictured right) copped a brutal elbow in his loss to Sebastian Fundora. (Anadolu via Getty Images)

Having lost the fight to Fundora, he also left himself short of a potential mega-money fight next. The Aussie could have earned a guaranteed $15 million in a fight with Spence if he had secured the two belts in America.

Tszyu has been nothing but classy in his loss having admitted it was his decision to fight on when he had the chance to claim a No Contest because of the cut. Regardless, Tszyu said while the cut impaired his vision, he was never going to give up.

"It's crazy, I couldn't see anything. I'll fight no matter what. Till the death," Tszyu said to reporters after the fight.