Tim Tszyu in savage $15 million detail after brutal loss to Sebastian Fundora in US debut

The Aussie superstar has taken a massive setback with many claiming his courage could have cost him millions.

Tim Tszyu was left devastated after his close split decision loss to towering America Sebastian Fundora in his headline US debut and the setback has ultimately cost him a mega $15 million payout in facing Errol Spence. Tszyu was looking good against the 6'6 giant in Fundora before an accidental elbow cut the Aussie across the head.

The 29-year-old was leading on the scorecards before the cut and his fight was derailed as he battled through blood impairing his vision to go the distance in a close decision. A late flurry in the last four round from Fundora ultimately saw then American upset Tszyu in the biggest setback in Tszyu's professional career.

Sebastian Fundora poses with Errol Spence and Tim Tszyu reacts.
Tim Tszyu (pictured right) made no excuses for his loss to America Sebastian Fundora in his headline US debut, but could miss out on a bout with Errol Spence (pictured far left) and a $15 million payout. (Images: Twitter)

There has been questions over why the fight wasn't deemed a no contest after Tszyu's cut due to an elbow changed the fight. Tszyu's corner has also come under fire for not being able to control the blood that poured over the Aussie's face in every subsequent round.

However, Tszyu would have also been left fuming after the loss when he saw US mega-star boxer Spence get into the ring and steal the limelight. The American had already hinted he was at the fight to face the winner with Tszyu predicting his victory over Fundora would send him into the stratosphere.

Tim Tszyu fights Sebastian Fundora.
Tim Tszyu (pictured left) lost in a split decision to Sebastian Fundora. (Anadolu via Getty Images)

And Spence entering the ring and declaring his intention to move up in weight and fight Fundora has potentially cost Tszyu millions. The Aussie could have earned a guaranteed $15 million in a fight with Spence if he had secured the two belts in America.

Now, Tszyu will most likely chase a rematch with Fundora with the Aussie having a clause in the contract. Although he might have to bide his time. Fundora now has two options on the table. One is the mega-payday fight with Spence and it could be hard to turn down. The WBO has also ordered Fundora to face Terence Crawford, which would most likely attract even bigger money. This leaves Tszyu in a brutal position after the loss.

Fundora welcomed Spence Jr. calling him out and wanted this to happen. "I think it will be great, he is one of the greats right now," Fundora said about Spence Jr. "If I can fight him and get a win over him, it will be history for me again."

Tim Tszyu all class after brutal loss in US debut

His loss is not only brutal for his record, but is a huge setback for the bank account. Regardless, Tszyu said while the cut impaired his vision, he was never going to give up.

"It's crazy, I couldn't see anything. I'll fight no matter what. Till the death," Tszyu said to reporters after the fight. Tszyu was all class after the fight with Fundora and Tszyu sharing lovely words after an all-time battle.

“What Tim said is spot on,” Rose said about Tszyu not wanting to make any excuses for his defeat. “He’s not buying into any of that stuff. “He’s got a great team around him, an absolutely great team. “And the size of that cut, the position it was in, you saw it gushing out. I’m not a (medical) professional but I know they did a very good job trying to contain what was a crazy cut.

“I’ve got nothing but respect for Tim and his team for the amount of work they put in, because they were so prepared for that fight. A freak accident happens like that, with a waterfall of blood pouring into his eyes for 10 rounds, and he didn’t hesitate to get up off his stool and go back to war with a guy who had the odds stacked in his favour.”