'Am I good': Footage emerges of Canelo and Plant's mid-fight exchange

Canelo Alvarez (pictured right) walking down Caleb Plant (pictured left) as the pair talk in the ninth round.
Footage has emerged of a mid-round conversation between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant (pictured) during their super middleweight championship fight. (Images: Showtime Boxing)

Ringside footage has emerged of a conversation between super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant in the middle of their unifying championship fight.

The Mexican became just the sixth man to unify a division after a TKO victory over Plant in the 11th round of their super middleweight championship fight.

A close fought bout saw Plant staying on the outside and use his jab to score.

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While the judges had a close fight heading into the middle rounds, Canelo appeared to pull away in the on the scorecards as his heavier body shots found their target.

However, ringside footage has picked up an intriguing conversation between Plant and Canelo in the 9th round.

Plant was on the back foot weaving his way out of Canelo's relentless pursuit.

"You're pretty good, am I pretty good?" Plant said as he stayed on the outside of Canelo.

"Yeah," Canelo said.

"This is a good fight right here," Plant said.

"I like it," Canelo said, as he closed the distance.

"I respect your skills," to which Canelo responded, "I know."

I'm pretty good for 21-0 huh?" Plant said, referring to his boxing record.

Plant has fewer than half of the fights Canelo has on their professional records.

The American then threw a jab, to which Canelo replied with a heavy left body shot.

Canelo Alvarez praises Caleb Plant post-fight

Only two rounds later, in the 11th round, a ferocious left hook followed by a devastating uppercut sent Plant crashing to the floor.

The American got to his feet, but Canelo charged in and set Plant to the mat again as the referee waved it off.

Canelo became the first Mexican-born fighter to unify a division in the four belt era.

The Mexican and American also showed their class following the bout.

After a long embrace, Canelo shared what was said in the conversation.

"We are men at the end, he wanted to still fight me, he wanted to still continue," Canelo said in Spanish, which was translated.

Canelo Alvarez (pictured middle) wears a crown and poses with the belts after his championship bout with Caleb Plant.
Canelo Alvarez (pictured middle) poses with the belts after his championship bout with Caleb Plant. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

"I told him there was no shame, we had a great fight today."

However, Canelo quickly swung around to his translator standing to his right and repeated 'And then?" as he urged him to finish what he said.

After a pause and checking with Canelo, the translator finished off his words.

"Ok, he did say that he was sorry about the motherf***ing incident that happened, and he didn't mean it that way."

The crowd erupted into cheers after hearing about the respect the two boxers showed after the fight.

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