Aussie cricketers offered baggy green replacement after India debacle

An online clothing company has extended a cheeky offer to the Australian cricket team in India.

Pat Cummins, pictured here in India for Australia's cricket tour.
Pat Cummins and the Aussie cricket team have cheekily been offered new hats. Image: Daddi Cools/Getty

An online clothing company has sent a cheeky offer to the Australian cricket team, offering to replace the famous baggy green with a hat reminding batsmen not to lose their heads when they face up to India in next week's third Test.

Merchandise outlet 'Dadi Cools' is willing to ship a boxload of its bucket hats and caps, adorned with a 'Head Down, Nothing Silly' message accompanied by an image of a batsman losing all three stumps to a wild shot, to India in the hope it will ease some of the tension in the Aussie camp following the disastrous second Test loss.

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The sales pitch for the hat reads: "When the skipper tells you to play sensible (and) three balls into a new innings, you play a wild cross bat hoik to a half volley on middle stump. This happens."

'Dadi Cools' describes itself as "a collective of laidback lovers of life, here to have tons of fun, lots of laughs and take the piss out of ourselves along the way. We are a niche Aussie label with a focus on unique, on-trend, iconic and memorable designs that allow you to express your unique yourself and have a bit of banter."

The 'Daddi Cools' hat, pictured here on their website.
The 'Daddi Cools' hat says 'head down nothing silly'. Image: Daddi Cools

'Dadi Cools' director 'in disbelief' over Aussie collapse

Company director Julien Dupuche is a mad-keen cricket fan and watched the Delhi debacle unfold on Sunday. The dire collapse, which saw several Australian batsmen lose their wickets to reckless shots, prompted him to act and offer some sort of comic relief to the tortured Aussie camp.

"Like everyone else, I sat there in disbelief as we lost wicket after wicket to these wild slogs," Dupuche told Yahoo Sport Australia. "It was pretty much the same scene we see on our caps, except in Australia's case the skipper played the worst shot of the lot.

Pat Cummins, pictured here being dismissed first ball in the second Test.
Pat Cummins was out first ball after playing a wild slog. Image: AAP

"It got me thinking they could do with a laugh because they'd be pretty down after that. We'd be happy to send over a box of our hats just as a reminder to keep your head down when batting in India."

Asked, jokingly, if the Dadi Cools caps could replace the iconic baggy green on the players' heads, a tongue-in-cheek Dupuche replied: "That would be cool, wouldn’t it? Maybe they could wear them under the baggy?

"In all seriousness, we're just trying to lighten the mood a bit. We just want to see Australia winning, no matter the sport."

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