Matthew Hayden spotted mocking Australia after brutal loss in second Test

The Aussie cricket great was caught in an eye-opening act after Australia's capitulation against India.

Matthew Hayden, pictured here out in the middle with a broom after India's win over Australia in the second Test.
Matthew Hayden was spotted out in the middle with a broom after India's win over Australia in the second Test. Image: Getty/Twitter

Aussie cricket great Matthew Hayden has been captured seemingly mocking the Australian side after their demoralising loss to India in the second Test. The Aussies suffered a shocking collapse of 9-48 in their second innings in Delhi, with six of their 10 dismissals coming via the sweep shot.

Indian stars Rohit Sharma and Ravi Jadeja both said after the match that the sweep shot was not the right ploy on that pitch, and Hayden made his feelings known in commentary. The former Aussie opener, who made the sweep shot his own in India, said: “What we’ve seen here is a disaster for Australia. It’s a disaster because they’ve gone way over the edge in terms of their aggressive play.

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“What professional in life just hopes? No way. You’ve got to have a method and you have to think on your feet. You’ve got about 13 people in that dug-out not playing the game all having their say on it.”

Michael Clarke has since led calls for the Aussies to lean on Hayden's knowledge during his stint in India. However the Queenslander might be on the nose in the Aussie camp considering his actions in the immediate aftermath of the second Test.

During a segment for local TV broadcaster Star Sports, Hayden was seen out in the middle with a broom in hand - seemingly mocking Australia's sweep-happy tactics on the third day. Hayden's actions were spotted by a number of journalists, who posted photos on social media.

Speaking on the 'Cricket Et Cetera' podcast, Hayden said the sweep shot on that pitch in Delhi was fraught with danger due to the unpredictable bounce. He said: “The ball not going over the stumps means you can only sweep on line.

“You’ve got to see what the Indian batsmen do and that’s come down to the ball. Once you start moving your feet, then they might start tossing it wide, then the sweep shot might be an option.

“I’m never a big fan of saying don’t sweep. I think that’s the wrong mentality because you already saw how productive the shot was. I’m just saying don’t sweep every ball.

“You can’t have it all in the game of cricket. Leave those sweep shots to hackers like myself. It was disappointing wasn’t it. You only have to look at the way Cares (Alex Carey) played that innings and you get a sense of desperation and that what’s India want.”

Alex Carey, pictured here walking off after being dismissed by Ravi Jadeja during the second Test.
Alex Carey walks off after being dismissed by Ravi Jadeja during the second Test. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Michael Clarke wants Matthew Hayden to help

Speaking on Sky Sports radio on Monday, former Test captain Clarke called for the Aussies to bring Hayden into camp as a coaching consultant. “Look at the staff. Are we getting enough help here? Do we need some more advice, guidance?" he asked.

“Something so simple. You’ve got Matthew Hayden in India at the moment commentating and Mark Waugh as well. They’re at the ground.

“So it’d be a no-brainer to go to someone like Matthew Hayden, who is a massive sweeper. He’s probably the only Australian batsman that has had success sweeping in India.

“Matty Hayden said it a hundred times on commentary yesterday, ‘Boys, I wouldn’t be sweeping here, don’t sweep, don’t sweep, don’t sweep’. These batters, go and look to Haydos, who’s a sweeping genius.

“I feel we’re a little bit nervous to get outside help because it might be a little critical. I think if you just stay in your bubble in situations like this, that’s where it gets harder because you keep making the same mistakes and the fans get crazier. Do some things to try and get better, that’s what we need to try to do.”

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