'Just deplorable': AFL world divided over 'awful' new rule

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
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Darcy Parish (pictured left) kicking the ball and Kyle Langford (pictured right) moving off the mark and giving away a 50m penalty.
Fans are fuming after the new 'Stand' on the mark rule caused drama seen as Kyle Langford (pictured right) moves off the mark and gives away a 50m penalty. (Image: Twitter)

The AFL world has had a look at the new 'stand on the mark' rule and plenty are up-in-arms over the 'ridiculous' nature it was used in a trial game.

A video surfaced on the weekend on social media of an Essendon trial game.

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The new rule was applied, which sees umpires tell players to 'stand' on the mark.

After this they cannot move off the mark and a teammate cannot replace them. 

When the rule was initially announced, players were told they had a one metre leeway.

But fans witnessed the severity of the rule on the weekend and just how easily it can be breached, which will result in a 50m penalty.

The video circulating saw Darcy Parish lining up to take a kick after catching Kyle Langford in possession.

Parish lines up a kick near the centre circle and steps to his right to launch it downfield towards a teammate.

This prompts Langford to take a slight step to his left.

But the umpire calls the infringement and marches Parish 50m down field where he can line-up a shot.

AFL world divided over new 'stand' rule

Port Adelaide great Warren Tredrea labelled the rule 'a joke' after seeing the footage and how swiftly it can change momentum.

While former Collingwood Premiership winner Mick McGuane said the umpires had enough on their plates before this rule was introduced.

Many fans on social media were also against the 'awful' new rule agreeing it will take too much focus from the umpire.

But not everyone was against the new rule.

Some said it would take weeks for the players to get used to the rule and it won't be so controversial.

The AFL season starts on the 18th of March with the Richmond Tigers to host Carlton.

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