Heritier Lumumba exposes 'damning evidence' of 'chimp' nickname

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Heritier Lumumba, pictured here during an interview with the Project in 2017.
Heritier Lumumba says the AFL Record interview is 'damning evidence' of the 'chimp' nickname. Image: Twitter/Channel 10

Heritier Lumumba says those trying to discredit him have simply proved that his “chimp” nickname was widely known and accepted at Collingwood.

The premiership winner has taken legal action against his former club after blowing the whistle on what he claimed was racist treatment toward him and others.

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Part of Lumumba’s case is the allegation that he was nicknamed “chimp” while playing for Collingwood.

On Tuesday, former Footy Show star Sam Newman was among many to point out that Lumumba referred to himself as “the chimp” in an old interview with the AFL Record.

“What would you make of this?” Newman tweeted alongside a photo of Lumumba’s interview.

On Thursday Lumumba pointed out the irony to those trying to claim the interview shows he didn’t have a problem with the nickname.

“Ever since I went public in 2017 with my experience, I've been consistent in saying that I initially went along with the nickname and a lot of other racist behaviour in order to fit in,” he tweeted.

“The document is proof that the nickname did indeed exist and was widely known in the club.

“Some people are trying to use it as a means to discredit me, without realising that it’s damning evidence that works against CFC and the AFL.

“Player records were printed by the tens of thousands and distributed at games. How many people in leadership approved of this?”

Lumumba slams ‘delusional’ Eddie McGuire

Lumumba also took the time to slam Eddie McGuire’s final speech as Collingwood president after he announced his immediate resignation on Tuesday.

McGuire’s response to the findings of a subsequent report that found systemic racism at Collingwood and the backlash that followed forced him to bring forward the end of his 22-year tenure.

Lumumba described McGuire’s resignation speech as “somehow even worse than his last press conference”, in which he described the release of the report as a “day of pride” and claimed the club was not racist.

“Denial, delusion and a complete inability to admit fault,” Lumumba wrote in a 15-part message on Twitter.

“The 'CFC Do Better' report was not a 'response to the Black Lives Matter movement', as McGuire suggested.

“CFC themselves announced the review was commissioned 'following accounts of racism made by Heritier Lumumba'.

“The club cannot simply use Eddie's departure to say they are moving on without addressing the extra damage he has caused in the last two weeks alone.

“If CFC thinks they can just wait this out and move on with whatever symbolic racial equality measures they have planned, think again.”

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