AFL world rips Collingwood over punishment for Jordan de Goey

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Jordan de Goey's punishment has been dismissed as too light by Collingwood's detractors.
Jordan de Goey's $25,000 fine has been suspended until the end of the year by Collingwood, a move that has been slammed by detractors. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Collingwood's punishment for Jordan de Goey over the Bali nightclub saga has been met with derision from AFL commentators, who have labelled it 'a farce'.

De Goey was handed a $25,000 fine, which has been suspended until the end of the season, after the 26-year-old was seen on camera making several crude gestures and attempting to expose the breasts of a female companion.

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He eventually apologised on Tuesday, in a public statement which also included comments from club CEO Mark Anderson, who said the club's 'very strong position is that disrespect towards women, in any form, is never acceptable'.

However the fine, which will only be enforced in the event of another transgression this year, has been called a soft punishment in light of De Goey's history.

He was arrested in New York and ultimately pleaded guilty to reduced assault charges, subsequently required to complete alcohol and anger management counselling.

On Tuesday, De Goey said those efforts would continue as well as further support to assist with his diagnosis of ADHD, which he received late last year.

AFL 360 host Mark Robinson was having none of it however, saying the punishment was tantamount to a slap on the wrists which 'let the female community down'.

“Really strong and really powerful words but the actions didn’t back up the words. I mean a $25,000 suspended fine is not a penalty. It’s an ‘if you do it again punishment,’” he said.

“Well he might not do it again so what’s the punishment? Other than the gross embarrassment that’s surrounding Jordan at the moment or he should be embarrassed by what’s surrounding him, Collingwood has tough-talked this one but the actions are really poor and I’m really disappointed in the AFL.

“I’m incredibly disappointed. Don’t sit there, AFL and Collingwood, and tell everyone from your soapbox that the respect for women is paramount and then oversee a non-penalty. What are women supposed to think about this, seriously?"

Jordan de Goey punishment savaged by AFL pundits

There was plenty of reaction on social media when Collingwood and De Goey released their statement on Tuesday afternoon.

Many agreed that De Goey was fortunate not to be facing more serious consequences.

Collingwood were heavily criticised for waiting until Tuesday to comment publicly, while De Goey was absent from Mapgpies training on Monday.

Herald Sun editor Scott Carbine was scathing in his assessment, declaring Collingwood's actions a 'farce' on Twitter.

“Jordan De Goey did not miss any matches after what happened in NYC and he won’t pay any fine for what happened in Bali," Carbine wrote.

"For Collingwood to claim its “very strong position is that disrespect towards women, in any form, is never acceptable and we strongly condemn it” is a farce."

7NEWS reporter Ryan Daniels similarly felt Collingwood's words did not match their actions or those of some players.

“That Collingwood statement is a lot of words to say there’s no punishment. No suspension, a fine De Goey will never pay," he wrote.

"The words are strong but the actions are not. If you do ‘strongly condemn’ the ‘disrespectful conduct’ towards women, then you must reprimand the behaviour."

For her part, the woman in question - Remy Jackson - made an Instagram post on Saturday declaring there was 'nothing to see' regarding De Goey's conduct, while the Magpies forward took to his own Instagram page the following day to defend himself.

In an equally embarrassing turn of events for Collingwood on Tuesday, young stars Jack Ginnivan and Isaac Quaynor were asked to delete a TikTok which showed them rating women out of 10, purportedly as part of a challenge among users.

The pair deleted the video on Tuesday morning and later issued an apology via video.

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