Coach slams AFL great after controversial joke

GWS Giants head coach Leon Cameron has clipped AFL legend Malcolm Blight over a controversial joke he made over star player Toby Greene.

Blight jokingly suggested Greene ‘should never have been born’ while discussing the AFL’s controversial ‘studs up’ rule, which was introduced after Greene inadvertently kicked an opponent in the face going for a mark.

The rule was brought up again on the weekend after Collingwood’s Jeremy Howe was penalised for putting his boot in the back of Melbourne’s Tom McDonald in a marking contest.

Blight made the comment as part of a broader point rubbishing the rule, but Cameron was less than impressed with his choice of words.

“It’s really disappointing that Toby’s probably the brunt of those jokes for most of the time,” Cameron said on Thursday.

GWS Giants coach Leon Cameron was less than impressed with AFL legend Malcolm Blight's comments about star player Toby Greene. Pictures: Getty Images

“He gets pulled into anything whether he’s playing, whether’s he’s injured or whether he’s not.

“I understand there’s a fun side to it. But what does his mother think? You’ve got to be really, really careful.

“There’s no doubt he’s always going to put on a brave face. But deep down there’s a human element to it.”

Speaking about the controversial rule on SEN, Blight joked that 100 years of football history had been undone because of Greene.

Blight appeared on SEN’s Whateley on Wednesday.

“Toby Greene should never have been born,” Blight said.

“It’s his fault. Of course it is. We’ve been doing it for 120 years and everyone’s been quite happy with it.”

Collingwood superfan’s astonishing AFL ultimatum

Iconic Collingwood Magpies superfan Joffa Corfe is threatening to boycott the AFL and bring supporters with him, unless the AFL apologises to fans for two controversial incidents last weekend.

Corfe’s ultimatum comes after a Carlton fan was kicked out of the MCG for labelling an umpire a ‘bald-headed flog’, while a Magpies fan was cautioned by police for reportedly ‘barracking too loudly’.

Despite AFL boss Gillon McLachlan issuing a statement on Wednesday night insisting the league was not cracking down on fans, Corfe remained unconvinced.

In a lengthy facebook post, the notoriously one-eyes Magpies fan said the AFL would have to find cardboard cut-outs to replace him and other fans unless they treated fans ‘with respect’.

“I won’t attend another AFL game until Gill comes out and apologises to all supporters at the way we are being treated,” Joffa wrote.

“Some one has to make a stand on behalf of all other decent like minded supporters at the way we have been portrayed.