Collingwood superfan Joffa Corfe makes astonishing AFL threat

Iconic Collingwood Magpies superfan Joffa Corfe is threatening to boycott the AFL and bring supporters with him, unless the AFL apologises to fans for two controversial incidents last weekend.

Corfe’s ultimatum comes after a Carlton fan was kicked out of the MCG for labelling an umpire a ‘bald-headed flog’, while a Magpies fan was cautioned by police for reportedly ‘barracking too loudly’.

Despite AFL boss Gillon McLachlan issuing a statement on Wednesday night insisting the league was not cracking down on fans, Corfe remained unconvinced.

In a lengthy facebook post, the notoriously one-eyes Magpies fan said the AFL would have to find cardboard cut-outs to replace him and other fans unless they treated fans ‘with respect’.

“I won’t attend another AFL game until Gill comes out and apologises to all supporters at the way we are being treated,” Joffa wrote.

“Some one has to make a stand on behalf of all other decent like minded supporters at the way we have been portrayed.

Magpies cheersquad leader Joffa Corfe has threatened to boycott the AFL. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

“Football is all about banter and fun booing and having a go at the umpiring. It’s about us you and me. I have never sensed outrage in the Terraces as what we are seeing now.

“So AFL get your supporter cardboard cut outs to replace us, get your fake crowd noise over the loud speaker systems at all grounds to replace us.

“We are the game, or at least we thought we were.”

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The AFL Fans Association, while not going anywhere near the lengths Joffa has gone to, has also expressed reservations about recent incidents.

The Richmond Tigers Cheer Squad has also raised concerns about what they considered overly officious scrutiny from security.

AFL move to soothe fan concerns

In their statement, the AFL said they had not directed any change in how stadium security enforced rules around behaviour at games.

“For over 100 years, the footy has been a place to come together, barrack, cheer and share in the experience in whichever way you choose,” the statement read,

“There has been no directive from the AFL to change this.

“The theatre of match day is one of the great sporting experiences, a place to be expressive and passionate about your team and the game, it always has been, it always will be.

“In season 2019 there has been no change to the expectations of the behaviour of everyone at games