Crows 'turned on each other' in Grand Final loss

Sam Goodwin

Adelaide players were reportedly squabbling as Richmond gained the upper hand in the AFL Grand Final.

According to Channel 7's Tim Watson, who was on the boundary at the MCG, Richmond players were heard talking about how their opponents had effectively turned on each other.

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"There were a lot of things that should have happened that didn’t happen on the weekend when you look at the Crows’ performance, particularly at half-time,” Watson told SEN Breakfast.

"I heard the Tiger players talking about this. As they went into the rooms at half-time, you don’t make this stuff up, I always run down there to find out what the players are saying.

The Crows were shattered at full-time. Image: Getty

"This is what they were saying, ‘they are arguing boys’.

"Shaun Grigg started the conversation, he said, 'they’re squabbling, they’re arguing, they’ve lost their connection'."

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According to coach Don Pyke, Adelaide will not make the mistake of casting aside the harsh lessons of their crushing loss.

As deeply as the 16.12 (108) to 8.12 (60) defeat will cut his players and staff, Pyke is determined that some good will come of it.

"Sometimes losses can be a great driver," Pyke said.

"I have been part of clubs where we lost grand finals ... and come back and won after that.

"But you have got to learn the lessons and that is why it's important we reflect.

"And it's too raw right now, but we will reflect and we will have those conversations and understand that at the end of what has been a really positive year for the footy club, we put in a poor performance."

The Crows were the benchmark for much of the season on their way to claiming the minor premiership.

But it is Damien Hardwick's game plan that will be dissected and copied by AFL rivals after Pyke's high-scoring, fast-paced style crumbled under the Tigers' relentless pressure.

"Our systems worked pretty well throughout the year (but) ... the talent we had ahead of the ball today, we have to give them enough opportunities," Pyke said.

"But to Richmond's credit, they have come up with something different, it has worked for them, they have won the flag and I'm sure other teams will look at components of their game.

"That is the beauty of the game, it's always changing and we sit here now going there's a style that has got us to this point, is that going to sustain us next year? I don't know.

"All I know is as a coaching group is we need to ask those questions.

"We need to follow our hunch around our list in terms of what we think is the best way for them to play the best footy and add to the way we play otherwise we stand still and others will go past us."

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