7th Tackle: Farah’s latest run-in with the media

Josh Massoud and Liam Cox

Robbie Farah has had some memorable stoushes with media personalities over the years.

He accused Matty Johns of an “ambush” on live TV, then didn’t want to participate in an Origin press conference because a reporter he didn’t get along with was present.

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But his latest run-in has caused some REAL damage.

Early last week Farah was driving an Audi sponsor car through Pagewood when a vehicle ahead decided to turn right.

Farah's had another run-in with the media. Pic: Getty

As he veered left to continue, Farah collided with the driver immediately in front, who was doing exactly the same.

It happened to belong to a television crew, carrying a cameraman and news journalist.

We’re pleased to report no-one was injured.

But the damage to the right side of Farah’s car was so significant he had to exit through the passenger door to exchange details.

Insurance companies are now reviewing the accident to determine who is at fault.