Following The Release Of "Quiet On Set," Alexa Nikolas Has Been Criticized For Selling Themed Shirts

Following The Release Of "Quiet On Set," Alexa Nikolas Has Been Criticized For Selling Themed Shirts

Zoey 101 alum Alexa Nikolas addressed backlash following her "limited run" sale of a "Sickelodeon"-themed shirt.

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Alexa has been candid about her negative experiences with Nickelodeon for years, even garnering an apology from Britney Spears in the process. Amid the release of the docuseries Quiet on Set, Alexa's advocacy work — especially her vocal criticism of former Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider — has naturally received more attention.

However, on March 30, Alexa announced a "limited run" of a "Sickelodeon" shirt, retailing at $45. The shirt is sold by Eat Predators, the protest group Alexa founded.

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According to their website, "We firmly believe that art can be a catalyst for change. That's why we offer an array of products and merchandise, each carefully designed to carry our mission forward. By wearing our iconic Eat Predators logo, a symbol of strength and resilience, you become a voice for those who have been silenced for far too long."

The criticism was swift, with some accusing Alexa of "profiting" from her Nickelodeon costars' "trauma":

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Alexa subsequently took to the website formerly known as Twitter to write, "Nickelodeon was my childhood trauma TOO. BTW. I got exploited as a child while in a toxic work environment and that company made millions of dollars off of us kids. I want to see people supporting me and others rocking a Sickelodeon t-shirt. You watch that doc and attack me?"

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"We are left with nothing meanwhile they make millions off of us still till this day. While we can’t afford therapy," she continued. "Shame on you."

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Turning her attention to Quiet on Set, she added, "Go ask HBO and ID how much they have gotten paid off our trauma. Bring that energy over there We shared our stories for a better world with zero payment. Power to Survivors. Proud of us."

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Not all were keen on Alexa's response:

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We'll keep you posted with any updates.