Yves Missi: NBA draft scouting report and intel

2004 | 7’0 | 7’6 | 235 LBS

Team: Baylor

Best aggregate mock draft rank: 11 / Worst rank: NR

2023-24 Stats:

In 2023-24, Yves Missi averaged 10.7 points, 5.6 rebounds, 0.4 assists, 1.5 blocks, and 0.6 steals per game. He shot 61.4 percent from the field, 0.0 percent from three, and 61.6 percent from the foul line.


* Impressive frame with a 7-foot height and 7-5 wingspan

* Athletic and long, reminiscent of a young Clint Capela

* Excellent mobility and verticality for his size

* Strong finishing skills around the rim

* Reliable hands and solid rebounding ability

* Huge wingspan allows him to contest perimeter shots effectively

* Potential to be an excellent defensive anchor and rim protector

* Quick to get up for blocks and can stick with guards on defense


* Limited offensive skills and range outside of the paint

* Poor free-throw shooter

* Lacks passing ability and tends to immediately look to dunk

* Struggles with defending switches and perimeter players

* Needs improvement in reading ball screens and mastering drop coverage

* Tendency to get into foul trouble and needs to get stronger

Scotto's Draft Notes:

“Missi can rim roll and block shots,” an NBA scout told HoopsHype. “As you keep watching this kid, he’s doing stuff now that he wasn’t doing at the beginning of the year, like playing second side situations and attacking from the top of the key.”

“I think Missi is two or three years away, but at the end of the day, you can see where he’s going if it all works out,” an NBA executive told HoopsHype. “He’s a lob threat. He’s a Clint Capela type of player.”

“Missi can be an NBA rotational big man if he has good guard play around him,” an NBA scout told HoopsHype. “He has good hands and gets out of pick-and-roll sets quickly. He’s coordinated and athletic, which helps him block shots and rebound. He just needs to get a little bit stronger.”

Excerpts from HoopsHype’s Aggregate Mock Draft from colleague Michael Scotto, who contributed research to this story, can be found here.

Story originally appeared on HoopsHype