WWE star suffers 'severe concussion' in stunt gone wrong

A WWE star has been legitimately injured in an all-in brawl gone wrong, ruining plans for a high-profile title match.

Becky Lynch was set to fight Ronda Rousey in a champion v champion bout at this weekend’s Survivor Series pay-per-view.

But an ‘invasion’ on Monday Night Raw by Lynch tipped the WWE on its head.

Lynch had first attacked Rousey backstage before a brawl was staged to end the show.

It all took a turn when the SmackDown champion was hit by Nia Jax – with serious consequences.

Nia Jax hit Becky Lynch, legitimately injuring the SmackDown champion. Pic: WWE

Knocked down by a heavy fist from Jax, Lynch suffered what the WWE now describes as a ‘broken face’ and ‘severe concussion’.

The news came as a shock to wrestling fans.

Lynch had carried on with the brawl as blood poured from her face, and she played up the damage to end the program.

However, the 31-year-old Irishwoman is unfit to fight this weekend and has been pulled from her bout with Rousey.

Remarkably, Lynch appeared in character on SmackDown – just 24 hours after suffering the injuries.

Sporting a black eye, she announced Charlotte Flair had been picked to fight Rousey in her place.

“Even with a severe concussion and a broken face I could still kick Ronnie’s ass,” Lynch said in character.

“I’m sorry to everybody that I can’t finish what I started… yet. Because Ronda, you’re not the baddest bitch on the planet, you’re the luckiest.”

UFC star teases shock Rousey-like switch

Flyweight fighter Paige VanZant has caused a stir after teasing a possible move WWE in the future.

The 24-year-old looked a sure-thing to take the UFC by storm a few years ago when she made her professional debut – but following three losses from her last four fights, VanZant could follow in the footsteps of Ronda Rousey.

VanZant is set for a return to the octagon in January 2019, following a 12-month absence after she broke her arm against Jessica-Rose Clark this year.

However, the American fighter has recently revealed to MMA Weekly a meeting with WWE executive Stephanie McMahon – and she seems excited by the prospect of a crossover eventually.

Paige VanZant could follow in the steps of Ronda Rousey. Pic: Getty

“I’m not ready to leave the UFC just yet,” VanZant told MMA Weekly.

“I also think the WWE is an amazing organisation and it’s a very athletic entertainment industry which would suit me.

“There’s probably huge potential for a crossover down the line and of course I’m a big fan of what they do, so it would be great to be a part of.”