WWE rocked by tragedy on eve of Wrestlemania

The biggest week in the WWE universe has been tinged with sadness.

Just hours before Torrie Wilson was inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday, the WWE announced that her father Al had died.

“WWE is saddened to learn that Al Wilson has passed away,” the company said.

“WWE extends its condolences to Wilson’s family, friends and fans.”

Torrie and Al Wilson. Image: WWE
Torrie and Al Wilson. Image: WWE

Al Wilson appeared on Smackdown as himself throughout 2002 and 2003.

“Al took part in many memorable segments that endeared him to the WWE Universe,” the WWE said.

Torrie had earlier alluded to her loss on Instagram, without going into specifics.

“This week is an incredible one for me but has also brought me some horrible pain in the form of a sudden loss,” she wrote.

“Just wanted to tell you to make that call to a loved one, don’t put it off…and TELL someone you love em and don’t think twice about it. That’s all. Big love.”

Brave Hall of Fame speech

Just hours after the announcement, Torrie took to the stage at the Hall of Fame ceremony and took a brave shot at her critics.

“First thing you’ve got to do is realise that permission is for pansies,” Wilson said.

“We don’t need anyone’s permission to be who we are, and we don’t need permission to be who we want to be.

“I didn’t ask the guy who said ‘Torrie Wilson doesn’t belong with the WWE Hall of Fame’ if he thought it was okay if I still went anyway.

“And I didn’t ask the guy that was up there booing me [pointing to the higher seating in the arena] telling me I suck if he deemed me worthy of lacing up my wrestling boots and giving it a try the next night.

“Because neither would’ve said yes but neither one was the one stepping in this ring.”