I Literally Gasped After A Male Sports Reporter Made This "Creepy" Comment To Caitlin Clark At A WNBA Press Conference, And The Crowd Laughed

This week, former college basketball star Caitlin Clark officially entered the WNBA after being selected as the #1 draft pick for the Indiana Fever.

Caitlin Clark receiving her Indiana Fever jersey
Catalina Frogoso / Getty Images

Unfortunately, during Clark's introductory press conference, an uncomfortable exchange between the basketball star and a male sports columnist went viral.

Indiana Fever YT / Via

During sports columnist Gregg Doyel's opportunity to ask a question, he introduced himself to Clark and then said, "Quickly, I want to do this," and off camera, seemingly held up his hands in the shape of a heart.

Caitlin Clark seated at a press conference with a microphone in front, wearing a sleeveless top
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This is a nod to Clark’s signature heart she often makes after games.

Closeup of Caitlin Clark doing a heart with her hands after a game
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Clark smiled and said, "You like that?" to which Doyel responded, "I like that you’re here."

  Indiana Fever YT / Via
Indiana Fever YT / Via

"I do that at my family after every game, so grateful," Clark said.

  Indiana Fever YT / Via
Indiana Fever YT / Via

"Okay well, start doing it to me, and we’ll get along just fine," Doyel responded.

  Indiana Fever YT / Via
Indiana Fever YT / Via

Loud laughter can be heard from the crowd as Clark smiles but does not respond. Her seemingly uncomfortable expression says enough.

  Indiana Fever YT / Via
Indiana Fever YT / Via

A clip of the incident was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, where it has gone mega-viral, garnering over 34 million views and a ton of comments, many from women, calling out the reporter’s behavior. Here’s what they’re saying:


Indiana Fever YT / @lisco_2000




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Yesterday, Doyel posted an apology, calling his comment to Clark "clumsy and awkward."


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