Emily Arthur injured after nasty fall in halfpipe final

Australian Emily Arthur has missed out on a podium finish in the ladies' halfpipe final, going down injured in a nasty fall on her final run.

The 18-year-old had a slow start to the final, scoring 48.25 in her first run before falling over early in her second effort to earn a score of 9.25.

Arthur receives attention after her nasty fall. Pic: Getty

Her third run started better, however the Aussie youngster ended up face-planting as she pushed for a podium-worthy score.

She managed to walk her way to the exit of the half-pipe, but appeared to have a bleeding nose.

Arthur goes down. Pic: Getty

Arthur told Seven reporters at the venue that she also had sore teeth after hitting her face on the ice.

"I'm good and I'm alive," Arthur said.

"Got a real swollen left eye when I look around, but I'm fine, I'm happy just being here."

The young gun admitted she was gunning for a podium finish in her final run, before it all came undone as she attempted to stick another risky landing.

"I really went for it in my last run, I think I definitely could have moved up a bit (in the rankings)," she said.

Chloe Kim was on fire! Pic: Getty

Meanwhile, American sensation Chloe Kim sizzled with a 93.75 run on her very first attempt, before a run of 98.25 in her final effort to take home gold, ahead of China's Liu Jiayu and America's Ariel Gold.