'What a joke': Fans in uproar over 'suspect' Winter Olympics act

A marker is propelled towards Canadian Alyson Charles (pictured middle) who falls over during a 500m speed skating race at the Winter Olympics.
Chinese speed skater Kexin Fan was accused of flicking the marker into a Canadian rival, causing a crash, which was shown on replays during the Winter Olympics. (Image: Channel Seven)

Fans have accused a Chinese speed skater of getting away with flicking a marker underneath a competitor at the Winter Olympics after videos circulated on social media.

In the video, viewed millions of times across different social media sites, Chinese star Kexin Fan reached over a skater and appears to put her hand on a marker.

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The marker is then propelled towards Canadian Alyson Charles who falls over and also takes down Kexin.

In a twist, Charles' 18-year-old Canadian teammate Florence Brunelle was penalised for tripping Fan and Charles.

The sequence of events had Winter Olympic fans absolutely stumped to how this could have occurred and not been spotted.

Canadian sports journalist wrote: "Sabotage or incidental contact?"

"The slow motion replay from this morning's short track speed skating event looks suspect."

The incident divided viewers.

Either way, Kexin didn't gain an advantage as she fell over in the spill.

Alyson Charles still advances after crash

The incident occurred during the first qualifying race of the Women's 500m race on Day 3 of the Winter Olympics.

Kim Boutin, the world record holder, went on to win the race with Brunelle coming in second.

However, Brunelle was disqualified for making an earlier illegal late inside pass. Her second penalty during the Games.

Kim Boutin and Florence Brunelle lead the race as Kexin Fan and Alyson Charles crash.
Kim Boutin and Florence Brunelle lead the race as Kexin Fan and Alyson Charles crash during the Women's 500m Quarterfinals. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Charles was able to advance into the next round considering she was coming second when the crash occurred and it was not her fault.

Boutin went on to win the bronze medal, while Italian Arianna Fontana won gold and Netherlands' Suzanne Schulting won silver.

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