'They'll never win': Eileen Gu's brutal dig after historic Olympics feat

Winter Olympics gold medallist Eileen Gu (pictured) smiles while speaking to the media.
Winter Olympics sensation Eileen Gu (pictured) has hit back at her critics after her gold medal in the big air event. (Getty Images)

Chinese superstar Eileen Gu has hit back at her detractors following the teen's historic gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The 18-year-old skiing sensation was one of the most talked about athletes heading into the Olympic Games after opting to represent China instead of the United States.

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Gu, who is also a model, was born in California to an American father and Chinese mother, but represents China after switching allegiances in 2019.

And the teen made history at the big air after securing a score of 94.50 in her final run after landing the first 1620 of her career to win gold at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The gold made her the youngest freestyle skiing medallist at the Winter Olympic Games.

Gu is now the talk of the Olympics and was swarmed by the world's media after her historic gold medal.

In her press conference, Gu was asked what she thought about all the hate and criticism she had received since announcing she would represent China at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

"Here is the thing, I am not trying to keep everyone happy. I am an 18-year-old old girl out here trying to live my best life," she said when asked about the criticism she has received.

"I feel as though I am doing my best...and I am using my voice to create as much positive change as I can."

And Gu was eloquent and stoic when discussing the vitriol she has copped since her major announcement that foreshadowed her build-up to the Winter Olympics.

“If people don’t like me, that’s their loss, they’ll never win the Olympics,” she added.

"It doesn’t matter if other people are happy or not. I know that I’ve got a good heart, I know the reasons for making the decisions I do are for a greater common interest.

“If people don’t believe me, if they don’t share the same morals as me and I’m not going to waste my time placating them."

Eileen Gu's classy act after gold medal

Gu was overcome with emotion after her gold medal win on Tuesday, however she still showed class immediately after her win.

The finish for her gold medal was nail-biting.

Gu watched on as France's Tess Ledeux only narrowly finished in second after a brilliant performance.

Eileen Gu (pictured) smiling on the podium at the Winter Olympic Games.
Eileen Gu (pictured) on the podium for the medal ceremony on Day 4 of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. (Photo by Liu Lu/VCG via Getty Images)

Ledeux appeared shattered after her run and sat down in the snow.

And in a heartwarming moment, Gu and bronze medallist Mathilde Gremaud went over and consoled her.

Gu's sportsmanship was roundly praised.

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