Eileen Gu makes Winter Olympics history in never-before-seen moment

Eileen Gu, pictured here becoming the first action sports athlete to win three medals at one Winter Olympics.
Eileen Gu is the first action sports athlete to win three medals at one Winter Olympics. Image: Getty

Eileen Gu has become the first 'action sports' athlete in history to win three medals at one Winter Olympics, claiming gold in the ski halfpipe final on Friday.

The American-born freestyle skier, who represents China after switching allegiances in 2019, added her second gold of the Games after winning the Big Air event and a silver in the slopestyle.

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The historic feat means Gu is now the first 'action sports' athlete (consisting of freestyle skiing and snowboarding) to win three medals at a single Games.

The 18-year-old scored 93.25 in her first run on Friday before an insane 95.25 in the second that sealed the victory.

She then laid down a celebratory run when she already knew the gold was in her possession.

Gu was in tears before her final run at the top of the course as she realised her historic achievement.

Defending Olympic champion Cassie Sharpe of Canada finished second, while teammate Rachael Karker earned the bronze medal.

Gu has been at the centre of diplomatic controversy in Beijing, with many in America unhappy about her decision to represent China.

She decided to ski for her mother's birth country in a huge boost for the host nation that has paid enormous dividends.

"My biggest goal is to inspire young girls in China and worldwide to have interactions with the sport, to be able to try skiing," she said earlier this week.

"It's such a niche sport, people haven't heard of it.

Eileen Gu, pictured here during the women's halfpipe final at the Winter Olympics.
Eileen Gu reacts during the women's halfpipe final at the Winter Olympics. (Photo by MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images) (MARCO BERTORELLO via Getty Images)

"So to have a young girl sitting at home watching TV, and the first time they hear about free sking, they hear about it from a young teenage girl, a young bi-racial teenage girl who can kind of reflect themselves on the TV.

"And they'll be like, 'Hey she looks just like me, she's just like me. If she can do it I can too.' And so I think that is so important."

The 18-year-old has become the face of the Beijing Games, appearing on billboards and TV ads all around the country.

“She is the golden star for the country with the fastest-growing economy,” American expert Mike Hanley said recently.

“She can be the Tony Hawk of winter sports in China.”

Fans erupt over 'insane' Eileen Gu display

Fans flocked to social media in awe of the teenager's display.

Many described her feats on Friday as 'insane' and 'incredible'.

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