Winter Olympics 'cheating' storm erupts as nation slams 'outrageous' lies

Sofie Krehl (pictured) at the finish of the women's cross-country skiing 4 x 5km relay race at the 2022 Winter Olympics.
Germany have denied accusations from a Finish publication, which reported 'insiders' have accused Germany of using C8 wax on their skis at the Winter Olympics. (Getty Images)

The German cross country ski team have slammed the 'lies' levelled at them after being accused of 'cheating' following winning gold at the Winter Olympics.

Germany caused an upset to defeat favourites Sweden to win gold in the women's team sprint event and finished second in the 4x5km relay.

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The medals appeared to raise eyebrows within the sport after Finish publication Iltalehti claimed 'insiders' suspected Germany of using fluorinated wax - containing C8 fluorocarbons - on their skis, according to a report by Eurosport.

The International Ski Federation banned fluorocarbons last year due to the environmental impact.

Ski teams use different wax to help skis glide faster across the snow.

Specific types of wax will react differently with the varying conditions.

Top teams hire technicians to determine the best wax to use with the snow texture to give their skiers an advantage.

Germany deny 'outrageous' cheating accusations

However, German coach Andreas Schlutter has categorically denied the accusations.

"We certainly do not use C8 fluorine, as we no longer bring it with us. What they're writing is a lie," Schuttler told Norwegian publication Dagbladet.

"The Finns must be disappointed over losing out on medals in the relay."

Using C8 wax was a hot topic leading into Beijing 2022.

China has not banned the specific wax and many critics were wondering how it would be enforced.

Katherine Sauerbrey, Katharina Hennig, Victoria Carl and Sofie Krehl celebrate with their teaming after winning solver in the women's 4x5km relay.
The German team of Katherine Sauerbrey, Katharina Hennig, Victoria Carl and Sofie Krehl won solver in the women's 4x5km relay at the Beijing Winter Olympics. (Photo by Tom Weller/VOIGT/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

There are also reports there is no instant testing for wax at the Olympics.

However, a member of the German Ski Association directors board also weighed-in on the outrage.

Stefan Schwarzbach said while he doesn't normally address such accusations, he wanted to clear the air.

"We normally do not comment on anonymous accusations, even more so when they are so outrageous," Schwarzbach told Eurosport.

"But to make it clear: The German Ski Association adheres to all guidelines and rules. And we assume that this also applies to the other nations."

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