Emily Arthur injured after nasty fall in halfpipe final

It wasn't just Chloe Kim causing headaches for competitors in the snowboard halfpipe as Australian Emily Arthur crashed and took a heavy knock on her final run at the Winter Olympics.

Kim was first and daylight second at the Bokwang Phoenix Park 'pipe, the gulf in her ability compared to the opposition evidenced in her final run where she logged 98.25 points.

China's Jiayu Liu was second (89.75) and American Arielle Gold third (85.75).

Arthur (11th) had a more literal headache to contend with after she sought to boost her score on her third hit.

Arthur receives attention after her nasty fall. Pic: Getty

She looked to be heading for her top score after a modest 48.25 in her first run and a botched second effort.

But spinning a cab 540 she failed to smoothly deal with the landing and jarred her shoulder and face into the flat centre of the 'pipe.

Arthur goes down. Pic: Getty

She gingerly got up and appeared winded before being assessed by Australian medical staff.

She had a bloody nose and there was also a small cut under her right eye.

"Sorry, my head hurts a bit," she told an over eager spectator seeking her photo as she was getting assessed.

Arthur told Seven reporters at the venue that she also had sore teeth after hitting her face on the ice.

"I'm good and I'm alive," Arthur said.

"Got a real swollen left eye when I look around, but I'm fine, I'm happy just being here."

The young gun admitted she was gunning for a podium finish in her final run, before it all came undone as she attempted to stick another risky landing.

"I really went for it in my last run, I think I definitely could have moved up a bit (in the rankings)," she said.

There appeared to be no signs of concussion and Arthur joined her mother to sit with the spectators in attendance.

She'll be monitored during the day.

Chloe Kim was on fire! Pic: Getty

Meanwhile, American sensation Kim sizzled with a 93.75 run on her very first attempt, before a run of 98.25 in her final effort to take home gold, check it out in the video below.

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