Wimbledon storm erupts as Taylor Fritz's girlfriend caught in furore with Alexander Zverev

The tennis WAG deleted two social media posts that appeared to take a swipe at Zverev.

There was drama aplenty at Wimbledon on Monday night, with Taylor Fritz's girlfriend caught up in controversy during his win over Alexander Zverev. Fritz came back from two-sets down to win 4-6 6-7 (4) 6-4 7-6 (3) 6-3 to advance to the quarters and send Zverev packing.

The German was in a horrible mood after the match and had a lengthy conversation with Fritz at the net. Zverev had been perturbed by the behaviour of someone in Fritz's box during the match - and that someone appeared to be the American's girlfriend Morgan Riddle.

Taylor Fritz's girlfriend Morgan Riddle, pictured here alongside Alexander Zverev at Wimbledon.
Taylor Fritz's girlfriend Morgan Riddle has been caught in Wimbledon furore with Alexander Zverev. Image: Getty/Instagram

Fritz told reporters after the match Zverev had complained about someone “being too crazy” in his box. “I think he was a little upset about my team members cheering for me when he’s injured," Fritz revealed. "But he said it’s nothing to do with you, it’s all good.”

Zverev admitted his anger was directed at someone "not from the tennis world" - comments widely interpreted to be about Riddle. “His team is extremely respectful. I think his coach, his physio, also his second coach, they’re extremely respectful,” Zverev said.

“I think there’s some other people that maybe are in the box that are not maybe from the tennis world, that are not maybe from particularly watching every single match. They were a bit over the top.”

Alexander Zverev and Taylor Fritz after their match at Wimbledon.
Alexander Zverev shared a lengthy exchange with Taylor Fritz after their match at Wimbledon. (Photo by Jordan Pettitt/PA Images via Getty Images)

Riddle appeared to hit back at Zverev after the match with a number of social media posts that have since been deleted. One post was captioned "cheer loud ladies", while the second said "when your man wins for the girls".

Riddle's reference to 'ladies' and 'girls' appeared to be a blatant swipe at Zverev over domestic violence allegations against the German star. Zverev reached on out-of-court settlement with ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea last month, with no ruling on whether he was guilty or not. Zverev has denied all allegations against him, including those levelled by another former partner.

“That’s okay. No issues. No drama," Zverev added. "He fought back from two sets to love, so they’re obviously all excited, very pumped up, yeah. But no issues with Taylor. I think Taylor is a great guy. I have absolutely no issues with him.”

Morgan Riddle, pictured here during Taylor Fritz's clash with Alexander Zverev at Wimbledon.
Morgan Riddle watches on during Taylor Fritz's clash with Alexander Zverev at Wimbledon. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)


Fritz said he hadn't heard any comments from his box while he was on court. "At the net, like, it’s no big deal," he said. "I think he felt that he was for parts, towards the end of the fifth at least, kind of limping around a bit. I think he was annoyed at some people in my box just being loud, cheering for me.

"It was amazing to do that on Centre Court, two sets down in front of this crowd. It's a dream. The thing was I still felt I was playing really well for being down two sets. I was just thinking it sucked to be playing this well and to lose in straights."

Zverev wore a support on his left knee and said he was "on one leg today" as a result of an injury he suffered in his third-round win against Cameron Norrie. "It is nothing that I need surgery on," he added. "It is nothing that doesn't heal by itself. It just needs time."

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