Roger Federer's major complaint over 15-year-old Wimbledon star

Roger Federer has called for the WTA to loosen the rules surrounding its age-eligibility after the rise of teenage sensation Cori Gauff.

Cori Gauff has stolen the headlines at Wimbledon after the 15-year-old made the third round of the The Championship.

But WTA rules state 15-year-olds can only play 10 tournaments to protect young players from burnout.

The rules came into play in 1994 after young players such as Jennifer Capriati made her professional debut at just 13, but trailed off in her late teens.

Roger Federer and Cori 'Coco' Gauff. (Image: @Cocogauff)

The 20-time Grand Slam champion said he understands why the rule is in place, but thinks there is room for improvement.

“I understand the rule completely that they want the young players not to play too much," Federer said after his second round win over Jay Clarke.

"I've told the WTA they should loosen up the rules. I loved seeing [Martina] Hingis doing what she did at a young age.”

The WTA has already relaxed its rules for Gauff this year allowing her to play up to 12 tournaments due to her incredible performances at the junior level.

Federer, whose Team8 Management company represents Coco Gauff, said his connection with the American hasn’t influenced his views on the matter.

The Swiss maestro feels limiting the number of tournaments emerging stars can play in may be counterproductive.

"I think it would be nice if they could play more. I feel like it puts in some ways extra pressure on them every tournament they play,” he added.