Nick Kyrgios shredded over claim in Wimbledon press conference

Nick Kyrgios, pictured here speaking to reporters in his post-match press conference at Wimbledon.
Nick Kyrgios speaks to reporters in his post-match press conference at Wimbledon. Image: Wimbledon

As if spitting towards a spectator and telling a line judge to get off the court weren't enough, Nick Kyrgios made some truly bizarre claims about eyesight in his post-match press conference at Wimbledon.

The controversial Aussie star advanced to the second round on Tuesday after a five-set battle against World No.219 Paul Jubb, but came under heavy fire for his actions throughout the match.

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He had a running battle with the chair umpire and line judges, before openly admitting he spat towards a fan who had been heckling him throughout the match.

"Of one of the people disrespecting me, yes," Kyrgios said when asked if he spat.

"I would not be doing that to someone who was supporting me.

"Look, I'm okay with receiving a lot of it. But what I don't understand is as soon as I give it back, for instance in Stuttgart I gave it back, I got a game penalty.

"Today, as soon as I won the match, I turned to him... I've been dealing with hate and negativity for a long time, so I don't feel like I owed that person anything.

"Like, he literally came to the match to literally just, like, not even support anyone really. It was more just to, like, stir up and disrespect.

"That's fine. But if I give it back to you, then that's just how it is."

Nick Kyrgios, pictured here in action against Paul Jubb at Wimbledon.
Nick Kyrgios in action against Paul Jubb at Wimbledon. (Photo by Adam Davy/PA Images via Getty Images)

The 27-year-old told a line judge to "get off the court" after successfully challenging her incorrect call, then claimed she was "the worst I've ever seen".

However he denied telling another line judge: 'You're in your 90s, you can't see the ball.'

When quizzed about his comments, Kyrgios then engaged in a bizarre back-and-forth with a reporter in his post-match press conference in which he claimed it was 'factual' that older people have poorer eyesight than younger people.

"I said most of the umpires are older, and I just don’t think that’s ideal when you’re playing a sport of such small margins," he said.

"Factually, people that are younger have better eyesight. Do you not think that’s appropriate? When you’re playing at a sport for hundreds and thousands of dollars, do you not think that we should have people that are really ready to call the ball in or out?”

Reporter: “Is it an age thing, though?”

Kyrgios: “Factually, does someone have better eyesight when they’re younger?”

Reporter: “Not necessarily.”

Kyrgios: “What do you mean not necessarily? What does he mean? What do you mean not necessarily? That specific thing, I hit a ball in, the old man called it out, it was in. So arguably if the guy was 40, he may not have called that out.”

Reporter: “But he may be 60 and may have 20/20 vision, you don’t know that.”

Kyrgios: “But in that case he got the call wrong.”

Reporter: “But young people get a call wrong, don’t they?”

Kyrgios: “OK, I don’t understand the question though.”

Tennis fans shred Nick Kyrgios over comments

The bizarre comments from Kyrgios were shredded around the tennis world, with many pointing out that people can have 20/20 vision no matter how old they are.

Many also thought it was highly ironic that Kyrgios blasted fans for being 'disrespectful' when his actions could have been put in that category.

"A lot of disrespect was being thrown today from the crowds," he said.

"I'm just starting to think that it's normal when it's really not.

"I didn't say anything to the crowd until they started ... just every time I came down to the far end, people just going (at me)."

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